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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A post specially dedicated to Sean...

Iam not so sure whether you are one of the reader of my blog or maybe you already forgot that I am a blogger although I am not really often keep my blog up to date..XD

Everyone study hard for their final, so do I...
But yet, i still want to blog something here, Its regarding to my Ex-housemate, Sean..haha
Well, he is one of my best frens too...We stay together in the same house for almost two years.And, he is my senior, same college, same course, stay in the same house =)
This is why our friendship getting thicker and thicker day by day,time to time..

I am not sure whether I have told you that I am so happy to be friend with you. That is not because, u are the one who always clean the house, throw the rubbish, mop the floor or even swept the floor, etc...*macam ah sei pulak* The reason I am so glad to be friend with you is, whenever I need Your help, You will never say NO, whenever I swept the floor, you will get prepare to mop the floor, *this so called cooperation*, Whenever I have no accompany for my lunch or dinar, you will ask for eat together, whenever I am emo, You will ask "R u ok?", whenever I think I am not do well in my exam, You will say "Aiya, no problem de la, I m sure you done well for ur paper, no worry la".....many many more whenever...

We used to study together since there are only two students in this house, which is me n You..XD
When both of us study until so bored, we will have a short talk and will keep going with our study afterwards...If you have exam on the next morning, I will wish you Good Luck and if i can't tell you on time, I will leave a short note and stick it on your door leaf, you will see it in themorning before going to exam=), and of cos You do the same thing to me...haha..*this so called Fren Fren*
When I flased back all the scene, it's funny but, seriously, I miss those day...haha...

That day, I leave you some message in MSN, ask when you will coming over to KL, and want to tell you that I am gonna sit for my final exam soon, I ask for ur Good Luck wishes..haha..
Well, you do leave me message wish me good luck..hihi..
Thankz Sean
, you are really a best friend of mine although we are not really keep in touch all the time..=)

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Yeah~~ I used to get ur wishes for every paper and I think I can do well with your wishes..hiakhiak~~ *silly me*

After you graduate, no more stay in this house, I have no partner to study until late at night, no partner to talk to me when I am bored of my notes..hihi...

Nevertheless, I can blogging here...XD okla... I gotta continue to face my boring notes edi..Exam start on friday..wish my luck everyone who are reading this post, including You..XD

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