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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tenji Tenji Tenji

so long never blogging d cos my pc send to do some repairment...haiz...
So here..special thankz to my dear fren Wilson + B.Y NG...they really expert..
(expert in move things= transportation..haha)
Frankly..they really helps me lots...thanks time treat u guys yum cha yum cha ya~~haha

Yesterday I am going to Tenji to having my dinner.Actually is supper lor..Because babe's fren birthday so going there eating..Happy Birthday KEN..We reach there about 9something cos de buffet start from 9.30pm to 12.30am..Its really cheap to eat there because it's having promotion now until 31st of March..You guys can go having ur lunch or supper there.It's only need RM48.10 plus taxes...Really cheap right?So u guys dun miss the chance ya~~

That place damn nice man..The environment, the view from the restaurant and of cos the foods^6^

WELcome to TENJI japanese buffet^^

this prawn very it..

**sushi sushi sushi**

woohoo~~olyimpic circle^^

**salmon belly**

After eat all the delicious **DESSERT time**

This is the thing which i love most at there other than HAagen Daz^^
**chocolate fondue**
here I come!!


Still got lots more but i busying eating so din capture much at that..but u guys can jus go try it..hihi

..US..of cos we wont forget to take a picture b4 goin bac lo..this is the first time i hang out with my deardear's fren^^

That's me^^

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