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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

FRIM...jungle trekking

Last Sunday i go to FRIM for jungle trekking with frens...Full name of FRIM actually is Forest Research Institute of Malaysia which located at Kepong.
The place quite nice and full with trees which all of them look like greeneries..It's really a good place for us to exercising or do some jungle trekking as well..hihi..
It's a very good experience for me.Me, Fbin, By. Ng and CS--We walk through many nature trails and discover the many species of flora and fauna here.( not really discover actually^^)We just " zou hua kan hua"...hihi..
But the only thing that i like most at there is the Skybridge(Hanging Bridge) of the Canopy Walk there..^^...scary but exciting for it...Actually we didnt plan to take the canopy walk wan then i just simply say..."aiya, lets go la..we come here to adventure wan ma..just go there see see look look la.."Then everyone follow lor...haha...That CS ar...purposely stepped very kuat, make the bridge goyang goyang then me and fbin damn scare lo..keep asking him tostop but he stepped heavier..hmph!!shit him!!! (blogging oso dun forget to scold him..haha)
Although like tat..but its still a happy + memorable day for me^^ time got chance i still wan go there..hihi...(CS, you noe wa t to do lor hor?hihi...)

At the Skybridge there...very high de wor...i dun dare to look down oso...
haiz...dan xian gui ar me....

After we reach at the 1st platform there...we catch time to take picture 1st by the way belakang d many people waiting for us to go forward...haha...BY Ng's fault lo...haha

me at the platform...We can see many places from the platform cos its actually quite high de...From the map, we can see Sunway from there^^but of cos cant see Sunway piramid la~~-_-'''

See Mr. BY NG...what's he doin ar?i wan take photo with fbin only leh...he sendiri masuk pulak...haiz...then de pattern oso very "soi yang"...haha...(i sure kane scold when he saw this...hihi)

Four of us on the platform...hihi...nice memory and we did enjoy we?hihi

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