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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First 3day working experience^^

today is my 3rd day working as a QS--trainee^
today i busying from early in the morning till almost 6pm..omg~~ i do measurement till my hand also "lenguh" d..手软..haiz...i feel like doing Mr.ooi's assignment lo..lolz..but can learn many things which i cant learn it from text book^^ thanks my sifu--dennise( shld be spelling like dis gua^-^)..she teach me although she so so so busy with her thingy..thankz..but hope i cna learn many many lagi from u..I think she quite " geng " type..reli reli~~so i hope i can be like her..can handle many projects then can settle very well^^
Tomorrow...I have to go working again lo..sien...wake up early at 7smth in de morning then goin to work..Reach office d get my drawing and measure..measure..measure AND measure!!haiz...
God~~tomorrow is just the FORTH day only ar..still have almost 3months to go leh~~ haiz..

Here's are some pic v taken in my office^^

this is my office^^my table so big hor?feel like i own a room hor?haha

wooh00~~working so hard? holding mouse sambil on a phone?haha..
P/s: All jia jia de la...cos wan ctake picture ma..hehe

1 thing or Wan ting???haha...she sit just beside me..looks like she own a room too^^

Whoa~~hui min macam BOSS oo.. so hardworking leh~~
YOU guys don't play play ar~~

Mana tau..when i go nearer..SEE!!!wat she doing? key in invoice pulak...
QS = ACCOUNTANT?why i dunno geh?haha
p/s: not her fault la..cos her boss too busy till no time giv her smth to do..haha

P/S: sm1 gonna fall sick soon must take good care bout urself k?since exam already around the corner..take you always^^

~~dis picture only for sm1 i care lots^^muakz~~

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