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Monday, March 30, 2009

Sing k day^^ have fun~~

Everyweek i just having 1 and a half day rest..I tot i m gonna stayathome dis weekend but goin out again...haha...cant stay athome for more than 24 hours..hihi...So, our geng decided to sing k..woohoo~~excited since damn long we all didn't sing k together d especially with Uncle pei jiun and Mr. robert..^^

7 of us this time...hui min din join cos lazy...wat a lazy piggy...haiz...hsien loong din cant join cos he's working on yesterday..maklumlah~working at site is like tat de lo...sien cos he din join...haih...but nvm,nextweek sing again lo, then he can join us d...haha..tat time wilson n BY ng can't join lo...hihi

This time we sibng lots of clubbing songs..omg~~they all make the room like inside clubbing and damn hot..i meant de musics and of cos all my frens lo...haha

Sing k of cos must capture some pictures we go~~

our room~~let's rock and roll!!!

CS's photographing...hmmm...actually till now I also dunno wat's he trying to capture lo...heeeheee....

me and him...uncle pei jiun...hihihihii
of cos he's no a real uncle la...just some attitude and talking style look alike only...haha
da lang~~
see~~always pattern liao liao wan---BY NG..

robert SO concentrate singing
wanting so concentrate look at the screen
of cos
peijiun also concentrate but i dunno wat's he concentrate to...haha..

he's enjoying singing very very very much...haha

look at this two felors...1 act cute 1 act "sap ha sap ha"
which 1 is cute which 1 is "sap ha sap ha" u decide lor...^^

whoa~~focus on him ONLY...hihi

all of us...

walao~~we sing sing sing..until suddenly de board fall down ITSELF...i really dunno y it will fall down de lor..really..i really have no idea about it...haha
maybe bcos wesing too loud d...yaya,most probably is liketat...hmm..
then,end up like dis...the thing oso come out d..swt lor...

After finish singing, we headed to dinar at U-cafe...
But before that,robert wna to capture this 1st and he ask me n wan ting together...i think he realy a big fan of SEED..hihi

**wan ting and robert****me and robert**

headed to U-cafe lor^^
dinar time~~

overall all the food there not bad..**thumbs up**
plus the waiter there also friendly enuf and he can speak mandarin wells..good good!!

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