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Monday, August 16, 2010

I hate You

I just know that you delete me from your facebook..There are soooooo many Question Mark in my brain?
WHy WHy wHy?????
I tot we can also be friend in Facebook as we used to be quite close, i mean, u r his girlfriend..
And facebook is just some kind of friends network..I really dun seriously..What did I do??until u deleted me from ur account???? Fxxk!!
I'm wrong..totally wrong..shldn't being that nice to you..summore said good thing about you in front of my bro...
Totally wrong!!!

I do like u dating with my bro, but from now on, this moment, NO MORE!!!
I hate You!! Yes!! I Hated you!!!!

And I will never forget what u did to my bro. He might got do wrong, but..You are worst!!

Ji Dan Gao!!! I m mother-effing Hate you right Now!!!!!!
I've never hate anyone in my life, you're the First one..
Congratez..It is your pleasure that u make me hated you!!!

p/s: No one talk to me now!! i will kill people for now!!!


  1. You complain about someone that is your brother's girlfriend delete you from facebook. Try having someone that you really loved delete you from facebook, from msn, from everywhere and dont say anything to you in months!! Whats that for HATE?!

  2. hate is an intense or passinote dislike for someone. some by passionatly disliking someone, in a way, u still like them.

  3. Dear Both Anonymous,

    thanks for your advices. when i read back the post, i laughed. that's the feeling from that point of time, now when i read back, i feel how immature i am. however, i do understand what are you guys trying to say. thanks a lot. =) have a nice day ahead!