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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New photo edit software--Conew..

I like to edit photo recently.. like not normal edit, it's like pro type edit..XD like some of my frens using the Photoshop to edit their pic..the outcome freaking nice..So, I also decided to learn something new, not only stick to those software i m using..XD

Now, found a new love, Conew is the name!!
It is not as complicated as Photoshop but can give most slightly the same outcome^^
It provides some template as well, however, sorry for those English Ed people..Cos this software available in Chinese version only..So sorry...

Below are some pics that edited by my fren, Sn..a DSLR krazyer..
this is Miss Suet Nyin^^
*i spell her name correct d, cos last time i always write suet N 1*

so got feels right?^^ this is miss Fui Bin^^
She will own a Fuiz Binz Pork manufacturing factory then become rich woman!!

it's me , it's me..nice one?hihi..

this is miss Jolin=) SAD, single available and desperate..XD
*jk jk, if she reading this, i bet she will kill me='(*

Picture of the day^^
The sweet L.O.V.E birs^^

And this is the picture i edit myself..XD haha..testing nia, not so pro yet^^
more pictures to come..


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  1. Hello ^^
    I really enjoyed reasing your blog, and your photo here looks wonderful.
    what software are u using ?
    Hope u have a nice day :)