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Saturday, August 27, 2011

dates with my Love one..

It's our dating day..we went to Johor from Singapore today..hahah..
We go there by public transport,no choice,we have no car here..:( that's y public transport is the only option for us..haha

After two hrs of journey,finally we reached^^
Took our lunch at Kinsahi Japanese Restaurant^^
The Ramen is not bad though:)

Green tea:)

After lunch,we high tea at Secret Recipes..**clap clap**
our FAV;)) photos on his DSLR..
We eat till so full..**satisfied**

After that, bf go for a haircut,and bf suggests me go n do a manicure^^
In fact, this is my very first time let others do for me..haha..normally I did myself^^
See this..

This is wat I did to my nails last few days^^ nice huh?haha..i try the cracking nail's fun to see it cracking itself when dry up..the Nail Art ppl said it's nice cos the cracking looked nice n even..**happy**

Put my leg in warm water n help me remove those dead skin..I think there's a lot..;( **Tsk tsk**

After 1 n half hr,da la~ here it is..
I like this colour so much..looked reAlly nice..

I m wearing shoe,it might ll damage my pedicure,so bf bought a pair of flipper foe me..** so kind of you** muakc!!

Dinner long nvr eat it edi..still my FAV;))

Saw this when we walked ard in the mall, I like it so much..cos,it's a piggy wearing Honey *bee* shirt..a combination of BEE & it!! Bf got it for me..I named it as **honey pig**..Welcome to your new home^€^

We reached Singapore bout 10,we both satisfied for today's outing..hihi..not spent so much though..

Pic of the day :))

P/s: thanks bee,for the honey pig n manicure;) and thanks for your help to wash my hair^^ appreciate it..I love you!!

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