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Sunday, August 14, 2011

♥ Shopaholic day with Bf's mummy ♥

Bf's just change new job, saturday have to work half day, so can't Home-sweet-home so often ** got serious homesick T.T **
So, his mum come visit hi.. :)
i know he's soooooooooo excited for it..
Welcome to Singapore, Aunty ^^
actually, this is not her 1st time visit singapore..^^
so we just spent time together, walking around at Orchard, do some shopping and dinner together..

we went to Orchard street, see see look look...^^

she's eating the Singapore's Speciality Ice - cream... ^^ its made of two slice of wafer with ice-cream between it. it has many flavours. and very very cheap..only 1dollar each ...:)

the bf ♥

me and my honey *bee*

snap - shot ^^ i love this...

with aunty sally ♥

another shot by aunty =)) thx ya..

Aunty vs LV 

after walking around inside the sohhping mall, we high tea at this foodstore. 
one cup of soya bean + one dough fitter only 2dollars..
so cheap...

we heading to Geylang...
for wat????
of cos for the Famous Froggie Porridge lo ^^ 


four season bean with shrimp.. this is really yummy... ** LIKE IT**

okie okie~ 
it's time to sleep...i wan go oi oi edi..
don't want to be Ms Panda tomorrow..

Good night, world..


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  1. I found youre blog and this is really nice!! I have always wanted to come in sinapore and now I can see what kind of there is because of youre blog! :)