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Friday, December 9, 2011

My Life..

Hi there..sorry blog is so dead now!
I have no time..I wish one day have 48hours to settle my things..

Within this two months, there are so many unhappy things happening. This period is really my black dot which will follow me forever.I will never forget the darkest month in my life.

People forgive, but don't forget. It's very true.
However, I learn to accept.
The world is full of temptations, people very easy do wrong things, they don't even have time to think of the consequences. They blur-ing.dont know what they're doing.

However, when they come back to the right path.
You have to forgive and learn to accept.
Then, Start all over again.
That's the solution, I don't wan nightmare everynight. I don't want talking in dreams, I don't wan bad memories. All I want is happy moments, good memories which will keep forever in my mind.

Life is we must enjoy it before it's end.

Learn to accept people's mistakes and learn to overcome it!

Then, no one can beat you down.
You're the strongest person in the World!!

I will be so proud of You!
Be tough!!

with Love,
eeping ♥

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