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Thursday, May 14, 2009

my lovely college life coming-soon..

woohoo~~ left 1 more day then i ll finish my 2 and a half months internship lor..
omg~~ happy like hell..haha
yeah~ another 1 more sien sien working day , then i ll gonna-soon back to my lovely college life..haha..happy for no reason..Dunno y this time so excited go going back to college..haah~~myb too sien with everything i done now..haha..everyday wake up at 7.30am then get prepare, after walk for a distance only take bus going to my office due to the serious traiffic jam at genting kelang..maklum la~~ it's like tat everyday morning and evening^^

After reach office, after having breakfast which sell by a kind-hearted Ah Ma..( i m gonna miss ur mee hum goreng and yam kuih, ah ma..) Then, continue to do measurement..arr~~ meansurement all over again..damn bored..haih...everyday do the same thing and it bcm a routine for my day edi..measurement..meansurement..and measurement...nth so special..
yeah~~ i noe...of cos can learn things tat i cant learn from text book but it will be kinda bored after you get it and you hav to do it everyday..repeat and repeat although it was not the sme project that i calculate but same principles and same meansurement applied into it too..
am i rite? guys...

Haha...but, never mind...after tomorrow i ll free..The day after tomorrow i ll FREE~~no need waking up early in the morning to go working anymore.. woohoo~~ think of it now i edi happy..haha..and this coming saturday i m having a trip with frens..3days 2nights Sekinchan-Kuala selangor fireflies-Ipoh-Gua tempurung trip..First first, going to Sekinchan which located near to kuala selangor towards Teluk Intan and there was Robert -my good fren's hometown..haha..go there to see the paddy field..Sekinchan is known as the ricebowl of Malaysia with a lot of paddy fields and some pretty interesting fishing villages. I think the greenie paddy fields will turns into golden paddy fields with the sunlight during evening..nice duh~~haha..After that, heading to Kuala Selangor--byAo's hometown to watch the fireflies..i never been there b4 so i m quite excited for it and i think it's a nice view bcos the fireflies view was listed as one of the travel attractions of kuala selangor..haha..and then heading to ipoh hunting for foods..haha...i wan to eatall the delicious + famuos food at there..hihi..We ll spent a night at ipoh then the next morning we ll going to Gua Tempurung jungle-trekking..hihi..I like jungle-trekking..haha..

hmm... i think this trip will be a nice trip tat will stuck forever in my brain..haha..i hope everythings go smoothly and we can follow the plan tat we planned..hihi..

okok, let u guys noe more after i went the keep talking oso useless de la. show u guys picture after the trip..haha..

Today is thursday..Thursday night, my place here have Pasar Malam..^^
yeah~~ i m going to pasar malam tonight..yoohoo~~ long time din go there d..( walao, feel like many place i long time not going d..then where i go usually..of cos stay at home lor..lolz..)

okla..i stopped here..see ya~~

-away to pasar malam^^-

this motor + bicycle i saw at my working place there...dunno wat it's is actually..haha..but i tihnk it is some kind of automatic- bicycle..but damn cute cute rite?^^ a teh-tarik hang-ing there..hihi

another view of the cutest motor- bicycle...

that's all


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