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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First day back to my college life.."doucle senior" life begin...

Today, 25/5/2009--the beginning of my college life in Tarc again..and my double senior life begin today..^^

yeah~I am senior now..and double seniour summore..y?
haha..cos i m now im ABD2..So, i m the senior for the Diploma student and senior for ABD1..ahha..dis of wat we call " double senior"..lolz...

Exciting and tarc really change alots..the fences, the photostate centre located beside the canteen 2, etc..and many new faces too...yaya, may intake ma sure got many freshies~~

well, nth much to talk bout my classes cos all very boring..myb stilin holiday mood..hha..
hmm...I am not really concentrate-ing in class today cos I am busy chit-chatting with frens bout the training and the holidays that been through, some happenings and so on..talking session..yeah~~ i like talking session..^^
well, it's a normal phenomena since the first day of the college life are always full with stories and laughing everywhere^^

ohya, and 1 more thing..i bought a ticket heading to penang on this wednesday, 4pm..
WHY going there?ooou~~ meeting sm1 who doin the internship there..guess who???lolz...
feeling excited for it but scared...cos i never take a long journey bus alone before..hope everything ll be just ok, and let me meeting sm1 safely and god...bless me plz....

p/s: my sista doing the rebonding of hair edi feel like she been reborn too..looks nicer than before (pheewwweewweee~~pretty gal)
and i think very soon she ll get a boy..( helo u guys shld gambateh now..mai zao bou ar^^)

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