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Thursday, May 7, 2009

LEE hom's music-man concert 2nd of May at National Stadium, Bukit Jalil..^^

Finally, i got time to update about my lovely lee hom d..haha..
the concert wwas damn nice + awesome + super-duper high from the starting till the end of the concert..Lee hom sing 28 songs which is 搖滾怎麼了、W-H-Y、花田錯、龍的傳人、心跳、Forever Love、安全感、第一個清晨、流淚手心、如果你聽見我的歌、竹林深處、女朋友、愛得得體、改變自己、落葉歸根、一首簡單的歌、你不在、唯一、愛的鼓勵、 大城小愛、Can you feelmy world、我完全沒有任何理由理你、在梅邊、蓋世英雄、心中的日月.
For encore, he sang this three songs--放開你的心、愛你等於愛自己、Kiss Goodbye..
These last three songs bring all the audiences the the max point^^ woohoo~~ he is damn hot!! (and of cos we are hot too^^)

Actually not much picture was taken since three of us too concentrate to look at hinm..haha..and frankly to say tat camera was not allowed to bring in but..haha..we bring it in..lolz..

i purposely put this wan since this felor sy mth so special in my blog cos dun hav his pic..haha..
so now, do u guys feel tat my blog bcm so special with this piece of picture..??haha

people mountain people sea..

those were VVIP + VIP seats..
the stories begin with a man in the deep sea..and tats is Lee Hom--the music-man of cos..

the story was very nice + touching^^

Music-man = normal man, a man who need love too..hihi..
means lee hom was searching candidates now?haha

After the intro story, the concert start!!!
Lee hom come down with his beloved and special guitar--Bahamut from the centre of the stage^^

小王,小力,小宏 and王力宏..

He stepped down to the stage and shook hands with fans..All the fans there become crazy like hell, but if i was there i think i ll join them too...lolzzz...^^

playing around with his Piano..^^ like it...^^

i was really interested with his music.In fact, i was deeply fascinated by his violin..omgosh~~

he is so so charming and i m too addicted with him d..hou yeng ar~~

woohoo~~ he playing guitar too..
i like this pic so so much^^

Lee hom was playing around with his piano, drum , guitar and violin . Well, this was his expert wat..hihi..He love to do so and we love to see him to do so rite? ( for Lee hom's fans)..hihi..
awesome + impressing...
omgosh~~ actually i m still thinking about tat nite^^
his performance really really good and..i like it much, it's really worth to go this concert^^


  1. one of ur frens..May 9, 2009 at 8:04 PM

    omg...ur blog is awesome n so so 'special'..i think ur blog wil gain a lot fans shortly..haha..besides,u hv few more days left to retain my pic..cuz i oni let u special 4 few days oni..haha..(p/s: cuz the pic not reli 'clear'..pls delete as soon as possible..hehe..)

  2. haha...u r 1 of my fren?? wat urs name? pic no clear cos my fren's camera not so good type wan...tats y ll blur blur..soli for inconvenient..haha..

  3. hey..its me la which is 'one of ur frens'..the pic so blur la...delete it lo..haha..

  4. aiyo...i noe its you long time d la...if its not body ll so care for that prticular picture lor..haha...