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Monday, May 4, 2009

Outing with families + outing with Baby

hoo~~ last weekend really din get enuf sleep since I'm having a really-busy weekend. Busy with wat?haha...interesting~~1st of may, families gathering + my nephew's birthday celebration, 2nd of may,i meet up with 2 guy which i love most in my life--Him and Lee hom (except my dad, my grandpa and my brothers^^)..But sunday stay at home only..hmm, i think consider busy oso la cos i m doing housekeeping that day..teehee~~ I cleaned the whole house and of cos busy surf-ing net..haha..
i ll be happy + sacrified enuf if i can get 14hrs sleep and i no need go to work..haha...take leave lor hor?haha...nola, kenot la..i must enjoy every moment of my training time starting from now on since my training gonna end soon on 15th of May which means 7 days left...woohoo~~ i m gonna-soon freeman...o0ops not man, a free-gurl?lolz..watever long as i m FREE lor...hooray~~~~ i can enjoy the only 1 week holidays till 25th of May cos after that i gotta going back to college and starting my study life all over again..starting to busy with final projects la, thesis la, this la that la..sigh..dun want to think bout it la...( actually is dun DARE)

okok..let's talk about the gathering ba v~.~v here we go---->>
  • 1st of May--Labour day--Families gathering^^

    I woke up early in the morning like 6am and get prepared to having an outing with my mummy's side aunties + uncles. WAlao, 6 in the morning man..feel like damn long i never wake up in this kind of early time and my dad is the one who responsible to wake me up..and he call so many times d i still lying on my sweetsweet bed..haha..
    After get well prepare, whole families heading to PD- Port Dickson. Go there do wat?go there picnic lor..That was wat i always do when i m still in primary and secondary school. Our families sure ll going to picnic at PD on 3rd day of every families gathering ma...

    woohoo~~about 7am, we start our journey going to PD.We reach there about 7.30am,but PD edi full of ppl duh~~and there was no more pavilion free for us edi..I tot we were earlier than others cos we reach there bout 7.30 but who noes others were the earliest lor..~.~'''
    I think next time if really wan to go PD picnic on public holiday, we have to make our move at 6am before sunrise...lolz

    After setting down all the things,after my aunties all coming edi, we start to having our breakfast and all the kids edi jump into the sea playing around..While the kids are playing with sea, teenagers like me and my cousins all chit chatting around and walk on the sea side and doin some kind crazy stuffs..haha...( dun wan talk here la..shy shy~~)and all the adult ( my parents, all the aunties + uncles) all stay at the camp to look after our belongings..haha...of cos they have their own activities too lor..hihi...

the PD view...

the Fei chai-edmund...he damn cute man..if u looked at him for a moment, his facial expressions can change every seconds..haha...tat's the point we all love him so much..haha..

this is my another cousin, another cutie...he was an potential + talented actor duh~~i think the talent must be genetic from his mummy..haha..he can act angry, happy and sad too..haha..wat a funny kid..

all playing around with the sand..well, tat wat i used to do when i was a kid..haha
got some other pics too but i not yet get it..will upload after i get those pics..

this two kids damn cute and damn funny lor...

u just need to loot at his facial expression ur mood sure gonna change from bad mood to very good mood..thats y my uncle always laugh like fourty-thousand-mouth....haha

i just wan to let u noe that my heart always conneted with yours...ahha..

our geng..our feet...our time...our story...our is just us...

gam ngam that day was my uncle's 4th anniversary day..happy anniversary uncle + aunty^^ stay happy-ily and sweetsweet forever..

2nd of May--saturday--outing with HIm...

i've been waiting this day for a month edi..Finally, the day is coming..^^He coming bac frm penang on friday. Then saturday was our outing after we both din meet up for a month..happy~~

I stay at my aunty's hse located at sunway on friday nite then he come picked me up there.Tat day was a memorable day cos tat day is my very first time prepared breakfat for him..haha.. aiya, jus a simple breafast nia, of cos i noe how to make it lor=*)

the first breakfast i make for him..haha...damn easy rite?hee~~

After the breakfast, we say good bye to my aunty and then we going back to my hostel to put some stuffs then heading to low yat--times square--sungai wang.Baby wan to buy the memory stick for his PSP and Camera..So, after an hour of research at this three places..Finally we found a shop in Sungai wang sell the memory stick for the cheapest price, so baby bought the memory stick there..haha...After the mission complete, it's edi about 4 something, so its time for us to say good bye to these shopping mall cos it's time for me to meet up with another lovely man--music-man..haha..But, before that Baby buy the Krispy Creme for me...teehee~~~

After all, the Krispy Kreme not that special + nice oso..I like J-co more..

yeah~~ J-co, J-co..haha

But Krispy Kreme doughtnuts have some other favor which is different with J-co 1..

u guys can hav a try too..

i like to look at him when he is driving..he looks ** bling bling** at the moment..hhahahaaa

i hold your hold my hand...until the end of the world..


love you..babe^^

p/s: another post will be updates for Lee Hom's Concert..

stay tuned...


  1. haha.. bling~ bling~ bling~ bling~....u remind me
    p/s:time pass very fast patient ya..hihi..

  2. haha..yaya, **bling bling** hihi...yaya, i hope so...faster turns to june the i ll be very happy..lolz