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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Duck duck 's bday =)

This is the very first time i celebrate Friend's bday in singapore.
Nest time will be Yao's bday.. woohoo~~ must give him some suprise..XD

okok, now talking about Duck duck's bday.
Actually, i know him long time already, Sean - a friend of mine intro him to me. however, we only get quite close recently=) fate comes already..XD
He's really a humour guy and he's very friendly & nice to everyone.
How gentleman he is, when i injured my leg, he offered me his arms..hahaha..use his arm to be my "Tongkat"

ok, now lets the pic do talking..XD 

Happy bday to you =))

Make a wish, make a wish

Here is the Bday cake =)

Cake kasi Potong ^^

Me & duck duck=))

He's 24 already =) old liao old least older than ME..ngekngek

edmund & duck duck^^

ask him take pic, paiseh paiseh pulak..

 tapi pattern banyak banyak~

 summore searching some tahan..

pepper also come out..XD

the cake  was quite nice =) Cookies & cream flavor.. can try ya~~

Happy bday to Duckduck^^ 
I wish him all the best in carrer, wish him fast fast get laid = get a gf..XD
Wish him looked so young always, wish him everything,...hahaa

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