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Thursday, April 28, 2011

ღ dating with my sweetheart ღ

Finally I got a chance to dating with my sweetheart.
Although just dates for few hours, but i think worth it. At least, we can spent time.
Sorry sweetheart, cos you have to mix with his friends. paiseh paiseh..
no more next time ya..

Just a simple dinner with you at Dragon - I, then dessert time at Tutti Frutti.
I know you want it. Cos I want to eat it too..
Still remember my first time eating this with you? its at pyramid. my very first time.
my second time also together with you, sweetheart..hihi

When we are together, there always have a camwhored session..hihi..


let the picture do talking ya =)

my dearest sweetheart

ღ its meeeee...ღ

Love this I4 apps..LEME LEME  ♥
sweetheart love it too ♥


picture of the day ♥

p/s: thanks for meeting me sweetheart..hugs.. and ths for keeping this date as a Secret dates..ngekngek~ 
hopefully next outing coming soon..XD

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