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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Domo domo..I m freaking in LOVE with this little thingy now =)
so cute, even my dad said its not cute at all, even my mum complaining that i got tonnes of toys. even, my sister claims that waste money buying this. But but but...
I m mother-effin in love with it, my lovely domo =)

it looked fierce, but nice to hug n cutie  ♥♥♥

see, even got domo♥ dress =)) 

domo♥ Xbox 360..gonna buy it..haha 

but i don't like Pinky domo.. just dont suite me =( 
however, i like the domo♥ holding on her hand..XD

hello kitty get crazy too..hahaha

wondering how will it be if i did this to my hand..and meeting with client. hahaha..

here attached a video of 7-11, liek the domo♥ so much..XD

I want the slurpeeee Cup =)

thanks my baby boy for the suprise and i like it much..
my new toy, domo domo♥♥♥
Welcome to my collection, domo♥

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