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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hi peeps, so long never update my blog d and it dead like a dead fish = /

yeah~ my blog so boring right? choice, busy working. Sorry, I admit I m not a good blogger. But I will try my best to keep updated so you guys can know me more alright? Hihi..

Well, I talk to bestie whole night yesterday. She keep complains to me again about her bf.

Sometimes, she tot of let go, but…she…..cant let a 5 years relationship. She loves him, but sometimes the way he bf handle matters, it’s very disappointing. He tells her, he’s not lying or hide up something that don’t wanna let her know, is just that he din mention it to his gf..wat’s does it mean?

Is it if I din mention something to you, means not lying? Yeah~ I agreed with that. But if got chance to say it out, but he dun wan to tell you, that is not dun wan to mention it, but is purposely dun let her know about it.

Sigh.. Life goes on, and people change. They no longer sweet sweet like last time. I can feel it either I m so far from them.

God blessed my bestie please.

To my bestie,
Honey, be strong. I will be with you all the time. Think about it! If you had made the decision, I will support you no matter what. This is so called bestie right? =D

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