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Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's complicated

Too long never update my blog already. Now, i dunno what's on my mind. it brings me here.It's complicated.
too many things happen,'s the routine of my life. 
Wake up, Working, reach home, watch movie, Sleep.
Wake up, Working, reach home, watch movie, Sleep.
Wake up, Working, reach home, watch movie, Sleep.
everyday doing the same thing, again & again..
Boring life..
I miss my study life, my college life. 
So, to you, whoever reading my blog now..Do enjoy ur study life till the Max..Cos you'll effin miss those time when u start stepping in to the Reality - Working Life..

Especially, you stay far away from your family.. your frens..and your loves 1..
Sometimes, i really wish that i m not working in Singapore, cos..sometimes i feel so lonely..I know all my frens were here. Will hang out with them during weekend. but...I miss my family..Seldom going back, cos the journey so far, and If i go back on friday after works, will reach my hometown about 11smth, my parents still need to pick me up. I feel guilty, so...i din do that way.. well, i did that few times. and I need to come back to Sg on sunday afternoon. The time i can spent at home is just

Sometimes, i don't know wat's on my mind. lazy...*lazyness attack me again*
I want to blog.but.dunno somehow, i stop, cos..lazy..*forgive me* 
I admit i m not a good blogger. Sooooweeee People. 

Many things happend, my life, my job, my lover & my frens. 

My life
I don't like my "routine" life, but what to do. People will grown up, people will step in wokring life, people need money to survive, people need money to satisfy demands & needs. people need to work hard to earn more $$$ to support themselves. I fall for it. Work hard, earn money, save money, give parents money. 
I do so, and it's become my routine life. I hate it.. so damn fxxking boring. I miss everything in student life. When you dun feel like wake up early in the morning for morning classes, Skipped it. Put my head back in my blanket. *I'm a bad student sometimes =p* But now, totally different case, kenot keep lying on bed no matters how the lazyness attacked you. sigh..Must straight wake up , and go for work..T.T *kill me*
If alwys MC or take leaves, people will not trust you, and it will not gain any point for your works performance.So, please dun ever try this. =) Well, I'm proud to say that, I am a good employee..hihi
Life must goes on, Working is a MUST, no job, no survive =)) Gambateh to myself..

My job
I kinda like my job, at least the replationship with my superior and my colleagues, consider not bad. At least, i won't feel so pressure or stress till i don't want to go my workplace. =)) thanks to everyone who take cares of my in my workplace. thansk my colleagues. HOpefully, my boss & my manager satisfied with my performance and give me more bonus..ngekngek~ 
There was 1 incident that, I flt so guilty to her. She worked in the company for almost 1year. Since the first day, i come to this company, i was told to replace her. Reason - She worked too slow, low productivity, many mistakes & main issue is Hard to communicate with others, language barrier. I feel so sorry to her. nothing to say. However, she left company last two weeks. She just disappear like tat..I still remember that Friday, My superior ask me told her go to meeting room wait for her. .then she lefted. Disappear just like that. 
So sorry for her.. I can't do anything. I sad. No one knows about it. I cried. I din tell anyone. Scare people will thinks I m silly. But.. i can't control myself thinking that, the reason she lefted, is because of me. T.T
Although, people surrouding me, told me that, not my fault, she being terminate, cos of her performance not good, not as expected. but my thinking is, IF, i am not here, she would'nt leave of fast or so suddenly. I pity her, she's getting old already, she's about 40+, still single and She's myanmarnese. Sigh..Sorry. Hopefully, you can get a better job. Pray for her.

My lover
He....working at oversea now. His job require him to do so. Few months only see him once. Since June 2010, I left to UK for Degree. He starts to work in Sg since July 2010. I was at UK, he's at Sg. Then, he's company acquired him to work on a project at Indonesia. He went there. I come back to Msia on Oct 2010. He's coming back for my sister wedding too. So we meet, for one week. then he fly again. This time to Algeria, another project over there. We din meet for 4months, we meet for 1week, then he left again on Oct 2010.  We missed Christmas & New Year. Both spending those occasions alone.
Second trip, he come back on Jan 2011, i meet him for 12days, he off to oversea again. He will be back soon on 12th April 2011. like almost one year, we only meet for not even one month. Well, I m in a Long-Distance relationship now. Woohoo~~ should i celebrate for it? haha..
He did this, cos of our future life. HE told me, all the thing he's doing now, is to give me a better life in the future, he wants all my friends jealous of me, cos i got a good life & a good husband who loves me so much. I know, it's sweet. But, i not sure whether i can do this for so long? i mean, its ok for 1 year or even two. but if longer time, i really not sure whether i can do this, waiting for you or myb you are the one who change first? i scared...T.T However, our relationship is stable now, so..all this is just some silly thinking of mine =) hahaha..

My friends
I m so glad that all my best friend in college all here. Hui min, Jolin & Wanting...all here.. of cos Bing yao & chee koon too..OMG~ my gang were all here.. it's gonna be a good good life here=) no need miss u guys. Normally, we meet once a week during weekend. Because weekdays working life very bored, so during weekend we will hang out and chit chatting, eating& shopping. However, because of their job, Yao * Cheekoon seldom join us. They worked at contruction site, kinda hard to finish work eary..haha..they always missed our outing..*pity*
I am not alone with you guys were here.hihi..I said this many times already, however, i still wan to say it Thanks for being my friends.

Wah~ i think i should stop here. Like writing essay already.. 350 words..haha

This is totally a Words Post. no picture is allowed=))

Cheers ~

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