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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a story to tell

my bestie told me, after “something” happened between her n her bf, their relationship no longer like last time.
They always get argue-ing easily , she bcm very sensitive, he starts to hide up things or matters that happened to him, he din tell her. He started to think that not to tell her, which he dun wan she thinks too much.
My bestie feel a bit tired in the relationship already. But she still loves her bf. Sometimes, she thinks she will be good if her bf not around with her, just to maintain a long distance relationship is good for them. At least, won’t have any argument. However, she misses him too much too when he's not around, one at Singapore, her bf at Malaysia.

Sometimes, she knows that his bf got keep in touch with his EX or some girl’s friends. she tell me she's not jealous, but she think his bf always got smth hides up and never tell her. myb atlast that boy got tell my bestie, but but...
The worst thing is, her bf got thought of  DON’T want to tell her, cos dun wan she thinks too much. When i heard about this, i was like..what's in his mind? he really don't wan my bestie to think too much, or he dun wan to let his gf know? haha..feels like there are something then only dun wan to tell her right? i don't know how to help my friend. All i can do is just pray hard that their relationship can keep going.

God, blessed.

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