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Thursday, July 29, 2010

❤ Happy 3rd Anniversary, my honey *bee* ❤ [030710]

Happy 3rd Anniversary baby..*congratez to myself* *wink wink*

Sorry i left dear dear alone in our anniversary day, my bad can't celebrate it with together You, but my heart will never be apart from u, u noe it right? =D *a big wide smile*

Dear, i cant believed that we did make it for three years.
Three years, thousand of days and hours, millions of minutes and seconds, we are being together as lovely couple.. OMG, **a big claps for You and Me**
of cos not only this three years, there will be many many three years we need to go thru, till the end of the World..

First of all, This will be mostly a picture post=)
I will let the picture tell the story of us

And this post is specially Dedicated to my Honey *bee*, Mr. Andrew=)
I hope u will like it baby=)
and I You

Here we go!!

Baby, still remember the first picture we took after we attached?
it's on 030707..
not much different huh? but the feels is different right?=)

I bet baby will say OMG!! on this pic..haha..
well, baby, we still young that time=)

Still remember here? one of the most popular place we go paktor that time=)
Titiwangsa Eyes of Malaysia..
WE used to go there each time after our dinner..

a random dinner at Station 1, Genting Kelang=)

And sometimes we go to KLCC for a walk too..
Yeah~~ just for a WALK after dinner..*teehee*

after 4months we attached=)

Da la~~ ur Bday cake=)
Happy bday my baby boy..Muackzz..

The very first bday I celebrate with u as couple right?
I still remember, ur bday always falls on my exam period, and this time I am not really do much preparation for ur bday, sorry baby, that time, EXAM is really IMPORTANT for me=(
however, i know baby enjoy the celebration right?
*he is not dare to say NO!!* ngekngek~~

After ur bday, it's my Bday=) my 19th burfday, celebrate with my Love one=)
At Dome, and you suprised me with the necklace which I m still wearing it till now..
Still remember how u gave me the necklace?
*a little secret between me n you*

The first picture i edited for You=)
I put it as my pc background,I still remember ur happy face once You saw it=))

this is the second=) it used to be ur old lappie's background =(
we cam-whored once we got nth to do..XD

u like this one most You said me like "Zhao Chai Mao"
Do i really look like one?

Our First Valentines Day=)
Still remember where we celebrate it?
Look out point, baby=)

The first Roses i get from a Guy *shyshy*
Happy Valentines day baby..

the next day, we went to shopping and we took Sticker Picture=)

take 2=)

Da la~~ Here it is!! it still keep in my purse baby=)
I noe u too..

Random paktor dinner at Gasoline Sg. Wang..=)

I still remember u said u like i wear like this

haha...A suprise trip to Genting but end up spoiled by someone X)
It make u so bengang right?XDhaha..
It's alright baby, it's really sweet deep in my heart

The first 2day2 1night Genting Trip for our anniversary celebration=)
WE really had lots of fun right?
1st time sit the Spaceshot together,
1st time ride the Roller coaster together,
1st time play the indoor games together,
1st time being a superman-couple together,
1st time watch 3-D movie together...
etc etc...

this child is really cute=)

Tthis is ur bday=)
Ur 21st bday=) I prepare all the things by myself..
I cooked, I baked and I DIY the present=)
This is the first time i cook for you

Here's the present=)
It's still hanging in your room now ♡♡♡

Our second Christmas in 2008, the curve=)

Our 2nd Valentines Day, i make chocolate for u baby=)
**with my mum's help** ngekngek~~

You bring me to Bukit Tinggi.
We visit the France Village,
We visit the Japanese Village,
We wear the kimono act as Japanese couple,
the Boss very friendly helping us taking photographs..
A very sweet Valentines day you gave me

You bring me for supper=)

in the Tenji's washroom=)

In the April 2009, You had ur industrial Training at Penang for Three months.
That time really make me so suffering, cos when i miss you, i cant hug you,
when i need you i cant get to you...

In the end of May, i pay u a visit at Penang..
Go for few days, stay with you for few days and then i fall in love with penang's Food d..
lolx..thx for the planning and I love you=)

WE having a great great time together=)

this is during the Wendy's bday at Tony's Romas, Cineplex=)
First time meet up with ur school juniors=)
All of them are friendly enuf..

this is our NIKE couple Tee=) love it love it..

Still rmb how i suprise you baby?
White lies are necessary for suprises..Sorry for lie on you baby..
But i know u enjoy the suprise=)

The next day, we going to Jogoya for dinner on ur bday=)

This is the first time we go to Sunway Lagoon together..
It's just me and You=)

waiting for me? my Love?

I organized a trip to Genting after ur finals..
it's on november 2009=)
Very shuang hor? Steamboat in the Hotel Room...XD
Well, Genting is our popular dating places too..**hiakhiak**

I'm Yours, baby=)

We visit the Ripley's Believe it or Not!!
Some really amazing, but some not..however, i like the mirror..XD

thx for the Christmas Limited Edition Tumbler,
it's become my collection in the rack now T.T

WE went to Jogoya again on 21 of December 2009..
with a bunch of friends..

Still remember I insist to go to the Botanical Garden for cycling even i forget to bring the Sportshoe? lolx..
thx ur mum for the shoe=)
and this is the 1st time we sport together!! hihi..
Sweaty but sweet=)

It's the Christmas on 2009..We count down at The Curve, well, just a few places to go right?
Either The Curve, One U or Genting only lo..where else?
Baby summore complained the Transformer dun even bother to take photograph with you..Pity my baby boy..

During New Year Eve, we went to Genting=)
this is the first time you join my geng count down-ing right?
i mean like offically for the very first time..XD hihi..

20th of Jan 2010, after my exam..XD
straight away up to Genting for Starbucks..
Well, my baby boy really pampered me alot alot..

and You bought me a new Starbucks Tumbler, thx baby=)

the Rosey ring u bought for me..XD

Our 3rd Valentines Day ♡♡♡
You suprised me with the Roses again, like after 2years..hihi..
**sweet till melt-ing**

then we went to Pavilion, then having dinner at Full House=)

The picture of the Day ♡♡♡
p/s: thx for the Levi's Couple tee Baby=)

another Genting trip on 13th and 14th of April 2010..
I m working but i skipped..XD
take MC for two days..lolx..
I just wanna be with You...

a random dating dinner at Look out point=)

mei Nyin's new house warming=)
A big big house..

a funny pic, ur fren even laughing at us ♡

Stay Kajang before I come to UK=)
in the beginning of May i thk=)

We catched a movie in 1U and we took sticker picture =)

the second version sticker picture of US ♡♡♡

Closed up=)

We went to I-city near your house=)
A beautiful Lantern city=)

The official trip of our love journey before I going to UK..
Langkawi 3days 2nights=)

in Underwater World=)

Inside the CAble Car ♡♡♡
the view is AWESOME!!!

First dinner at Langkawi=)
costed us 50bucks for seekor Udang >.< at Cenang Beach, before leaving for dinner=)

Black Sand Beach=)
520= I love you *mandarin* ♡♡♡

This is the Picture of the day=)
**same as my blog title pic** weewee~~

After the trip, it's time for me to get prepare for my UK study thingy..
Thx baby for helping me in preparing those things, i was like totally dunno wat shld i do..XD
thx for always be there for ME=)
I really appreciate wat u did to me..

In the Airport=)

Before leaving=)

I miss you deeply ='(
miss you everyday n night, deeper n deeper each n everyday..
But time flies, I will be home soon=)
Be patient both of us..

and here the present for You, my dear=)

The new launched Manchester United Jersey for You=)
and i bought one for myself too=)

so here's the couple MU jersey=)

Andrew 10 + Elyse 10=)
So, we gonna wear it together k?=)
Our first MU jersey=)

I know you will gonna like it!!!

Baby, thx for always pampering me with your love and your cares.
I am very lucky..Why?
Because through out all the boyfriend in the world, i got the Best of You..
I will cherish every moment that we spent together.I will appreciate what you done for me.I will pray to God for the relationship between You and Me will keep going till the end of the world..That's because....I am so so in L.O.V.E with you, My Boy...

I know I m not perfect, sometime might be very annoying,
say something really stupid and then take it back,
But put all that aside,
You will never find a girl that cares and love you so muchie..
♥♥♥I love you♥♥♥

Every couple will have their own problems like arguing, struggling, etc.. so do I..
*seriously I m not really been thru all those stuff, all I got is DISCUSSION*,
However, I believed WE manage it very well, that's why we can keep the Love Temperatures all the time in the sweetsweetlove mode..

Communications is the most important things between couple. Secondly, TRUST. How much You trust your another half? Being suspicious is really a big fault!!He might done smth on you before, but from the moment You forgive him, you shldn't rmb those bad stuff, throw it away, it's only will weaken the relationships.

Be confidence, trust in him and communicate well.. I bet he will love You even more..

Right?? my baby boy?=)

I Love You, My Hubby=)
Happy 3rd Anniversary. my dear♡♡♡

Well, here the end of this post but not the end of the story cos the story will still go on till the end of the world=)

Your Love,
Lou Por Chai aka eeping aka Fan Shu No. 8, aka Lao Por aka So Chu ♡♡♡

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