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Sunday, July 25, 2010

my Nose Bleeding..T.T

I wake up in the morning, tidy up my bed, on my lappie, drinks some water, then suddenly i feel like something coming out from my nose, i tot it was snivel, and i dun really care it=)
and i take a tissue to blow it out. At this moment, i damn fxxking shocked!!
i saw red things on my tissue..Shit!! its my blood with the snivel together!!

I m really really shocked when saw it, but i calm myself down..
It's not bleeding continuously, just the reddish snivel come out d, then no more..
I think its because the weather really dry and my nose get hurt, that's y..

From now on, i gotta drinks more water and take good care of my little nose so that this kind of incident wont happened again!! holly shit!!

this looked exactly the same as me ==

normal, guy will nose bleeding once say sexy hot chicks, but me, i didn't saw any hot guy either, but i bleeding cos of the HOTNESS...lolx..

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