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Sunday, July 11, 2010

London, here I come [210610] ❤

When i m still a little kid, there was a song, I believed everyone also heard about it and very familiar with it.

**[London bridge is Falling Down, Falling Down,Falling Down..
London bridge is Falling Down, My Fair Lady ]**

and now I got the chance to pay a visit to London City...**teehee**

Woohoo~~ London Here I come!!! =))

the London Eyes=)

eeping under the London Eyes=)

spot the Mr. Jacky..(first from left, and jumped the highest)

my fren ask me, will the London Eyes blind if all the cabin broken..i was like Wtf**

the view from the river sides...the House of Parliament and the Big Ben..


We are heading to Buckingham Palace=)

here it is!!the monument and the Guards=)

i m wondering whether they can see the front road anot..XD

the Buckingham Palace..

while walking on the street, i saw this=) The Women of World War II, does it meas that we are very Capable during that time?? Well, women nowadays is really really capable to do everything that a Man is able to do!!! Women, Viva!!!

i like his costume..XD

Malaysia's embassy=)

the St. James Park=) I had our lunch there..

comfortable pose-ing...XD

come come!! i hug u=)

the Big BEn..
the West Minster of London=)

nice ? =)

OMG!! i saw Jacob in the middle of London...lolx..when i say this out, my frens like WTH** XD
he's freaking Hot!! i m totally melt when saw his pic..XD But it's too bad i cant watch it with my BabyBoy=(
myb i shld date other guy to watch it..lolx

saw this when i m walking to the Tower Bridge=)
i didn't try it though...XD

Welcome to London Bridge..

this is the one..i tot it was really beautiful disappointed me and it is NOT falling down...lolx

da la~~ the Famous Tower frens said it looks nicer during night time..

we are not so lucky to see it open in the middle of the bridge to let the ships passing by=(

and this white man, suddenly came to me and say Cheese~~ lolx..
anyway, thx for the picture dude!!

and the we went to the famous building=) which is the iconic Swiss Re office building in the London City=)

I can only view it from magazine,books or newspaper but now..
yeah~~ I m here~~~ woohoo!! cheers..haha

me n alex..ppl tot i m his gf=) lol
Well, I am as Good Fren = Gf as well..XD

after that, we went to the St. Paul Cathedral=) the oldest church in London.
There is a story sated that, this church didn't collapsed during the Second World War even the whole city being is the only building that Standing Still in the city, and it saves many human life as everyone in the church didn't get hurt at all..

there are many many old-english buildings in London..and there are sales everywhere..but i didn't manage to do some shopping cos of the timing problem, but i will squeeze some time go there shopping !! no matter wat!!! hhahaha

and this is wat i bought for my Boy=) he got collection on famous bus..XD

the souvenirs from London..

here's end the London post=)
i hope u enjoy reading it..

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