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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cambridge, 书香城 ❤ [260610]

I went to the Famous University of Cambridge on 260610. =)

Finally , i m here..cos when i m still in Secondary School, always heard people talking about the University of Cambridge, i was like, hmm...i must go that place as is sound like a very interesting place.. and I m really LOVE books..*wtf*
I so wanna get some book smell from there as i thought those really TOP STUDENT only can go study at there..lolx..*wth*

What u guys thinking of when heard the name of University of Cambridge? tot it was a huge famous uni? same here, however, this so called UNIVERSITY consists of 31 colleges such as King's College, Queen's College, St. John College, Trinity's College, Clare College, St. Catherine College and lots lots more but there is no one college name CAMBRIDGE..this is really interesting + nice experience and the town is totally bustling with noisy and the punting is really nice♥
We can get 书香味from the 书香城♥♥♥

so now, let's the picture do presentations=)

Punting is the most famous activity in Cambridge.
As u all can see, all the punting man is those uni student, they work as part time as the punter=) XD

the first college i Visit, its Pembroke College=)

the view from outside, it's located just beside the road.

inside..very beautiful huh? =)

it got different view from different angle=)

eeping in the college=)

my bestie in the college=)

i like this view=) and the purple flowers=)

After that, we went to the Musuem of Zoologi=)

doe we look like sisters? XD hihi..same style for that day..

the LOve birds=)

i wonder is it a Dinosaur?

group photo=)

and i met my long time no see Volley Ball team mate=) hihi..
so nice to see u again=)

then we went to Round Church=)

The Bible give power to US...

there got a Piano inside the church=)
She is acting..

and i m pretending=) lolx

captured this while we are walking to meet my fren's Jolin's Cousin who studied at here=)
So got feel right? hihi...

but i thk this one better=))

The Christ's Park, we had our lunch there..
saw this man, dunno wat's he doing..XD
sun-bathing? sleeping? or dying? so bad me..tsktsk...

my lunch box=)
fried rice + egg

two couple, young and old=)
p/s: wat will I be with my love one when we growed old together?=)

miss jolin in the house..XD

for my honey *bee*.. I will follow you, follow u, wherever u go=)

Next, St. John College..

this is awesome=)

it's Bridge of Sigh..

i saw these bikini lady doing the punting..They are HOT!!!!

inside the Bridge of sigh...

From left, Amanda adn Evon=)
Evon is Jolin's cousin and Amanda is Evon's fren..
So nice to meet u two..and thx for bringing us walking around the University of CAmbridge..
thanks alot especially for the Entrance fees=)

this is TRinity College, one of the richest college in UK=)

with them=)
say CHEESE!!!

Clare College=)

this clock cost about 100million to build it..
It looked horrible but dunno y so famous..XD
got a big grapphopper up there..*yiaks*

Finally, the KING's College=)

it owns the most beautiful Chapers among all the colleges=)
p/s: every college have it's own Chapers, as a symbolic items=)

Group photos in front of the KIng's College=)

this is St. Catherine College, where Evon studying=)

after that, we went for cost us 5pound each person=)

my very first time to sit on the punt..

woohoo~~ lady GAGA is punting!!! lol..

this is one of the famous bridge as well. This called Bridge of Mathematics..
Feels free to Google-ing it lo..Xd

the King's College fro the river side=) beautiful? yeah~~ it is!!!

So here, the end of this post=) hope u all enjoy reading it=))

p/s: sorry for always late post because i will being kill my those mother-effing ASSIGNMENTSSSSSSSSSS sooner or later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway, Cheers~~

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