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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sick ='(

Hi people..i m SICK!!
i hate sick, well, no people love sick i bet..
I got fever, even not high fever, it's making me damn uncomfortable, unable to do work, whole busy no energy and i feel so WEAK!!!!

A BIG thanks to my sister, Hui min to take good care of me, she cooked mee soup for me as she said sick ppl cant take rice, she covering me in my assignment, she is helping me to pour water as my body really so so weak to do that, and many many more especially her cares..thx for let me feel that there are still someone cares alots of me when those people who cares me wasn't here...
thx hui min, i You!!

and of cos thx to Jolin, Wan ting and Byao too=)
sorry, you guys have to accompany me to eat the mee soup..X)
and covering in my assignment!! thx alots...

Today, i m not going to class cos I dun think I can walk for a distance for i other way, just WALK, so i give up, i skipped class..

Now, i hope m sickness will all gone away and i must catch up their steps for assignments. Not one assignment, but TONNES of assignments are waiting for me people!!!

Wish me luck!!

p/s: i hope i will feel better very very soon!!!

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