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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yory [120610]

After i come to UK, the first one day trip that i joined is going to York.
York is a place that had been enriched in one of Europe's most inspiring cities. those cultural street, historical building really impressive.
York is a place where the old encompasses the new and the commonplace meets with the unexpected ♥

the sky of York City=)

the river view..damn nice..

eeping is here=)

meet up with my NS frens=) long time din saw them d..XD
both changed alots, both so hot & spicyX)

my favourite way of taking picture, according to my Mr. Andrew XD

nice view...
plus me, still nice? yeah~ definitely...lolx

Yorks Clifford Tower... a famous historical tower in York=)

i like this you? =) **hiakhiak**

my L.O.V.E for you, my dear

on the top of the Clifford tower..

while missing my dear dear who is sleeping at Malaysia...XD

the blue-clear-cloudy sky...

dunno which way to go...hihi

my bff, she is chasing *halau* the duckling-Goose..zzz

fui bin, with shi han and alex..

Group Photos...=D in the park..

take 2...

Love is in the Air...

i like being together with u guys=)

the longest tourist train from the National Railway Museum..

one of the church in York..

the York Minster..

the most famous building in York=)

we paid 4pounds to get in the minster and climb staircases to reach the highest point...

the view from the top of the York Minster..freaking nice!!!

this is wat i bought for myself as souvenir..hihi..a Fridge Magnet...

The End...

p/s: sorry, people for not blog bout it **immediately**...lolx
well, i used to do last minutes works...lolx

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