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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

yesh~~ succesful!!!

thanks god..
my suprises really delivered successfully..
my honey **bEe** really very very suprise with my turn up in front of his hse..haha

i start from my hse bout 9 cos i scare the traffic jam since yesterday was national day..
Wilson fetch me there..thx lots wilson, u r really really a nice guy...A millions thanks to you..**A big BOW**

haha..everything seems to be smoothly since there are no traffic jam all the way and we reach Kajang about 10.15..
omg~ the time is till early since I plan to suprise my babyboy on 12am..

wat we gonna do?i Call up Kee Soon, a good fren of us..he stay at we call him out bring us for the famous Satay Kajang..haha..

After the Satay section, the time almost 11.45 edi..
well, its time to go baby's hse liao..

I try to figure out myself the road to go baby's hse..but..WEll, as usual..i Failed..
I call Jian, baby's housemate..ask him for direction..But so kind of him, he come out and bring me in..haah..
thx jian..thanks for ur cooperation^^ owe u a meal^^

After reach, his hse..i call my baby..5minutes more to 12am--his bday^^
i call him and ask him to look out at the window..He saw me..
Well, he is freaking suprise and run very fast to get me..He hugs me tight and i know he is really really suprise^^ p/s: yeah~~ i did it!! i did it!! I can suprise him^^

and bout the birthday dinar..i make it at Starhill Jogoya~~
He likes it and eat lots..haha..
Fei chai edi..haah
Actually, is both of us eat a lots^^

here wan to promote a bit..
This month The Jogoya is having promotion for Buy 2 free 1 with The Jogoya VIP card.
It means for those jogoya members, 3person going but only pay for 2person's price^6^
For those Aeon members like J-card holder, you will get 10% discount.

It's quite worth cos there are really lotsa lotsa foods to eat..
the haagen Daaz..u can eat as many as u can..
^^super nice^^

Interested, just go for this link..

After the dinar, home sweet home with full tank of jogoya's foods..haha

This is the very first time baby get really shocked by my suprise..Last year, baby not really suprise cos i didn't make some small small but good lies..
baby dun mind wan rite?haha..
BAby, i know u are very happy for this year bday..
The sweetest suprise from me in this year^^
I m pretty sure more will coming soon in the future..haah

and now..after finish this post..i gotta put my head back into my study..haih..
sad final is coming soon..
Starting from this thusrday..
I hope i really can do well in this coming exam..
You people will pray hard for my and wish me luck right?haha..
thankz thankz

p/s: A proper post will coming soon with the pictures^^
study lor..


Happy bday to you babyboy^^ you always <3
Wish all your wishes comes true^^

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