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Thursday, September 3, 2009

3/9/2009 First paper--CA

i feel like i m not doing well in my paper..haih..sad case...
I have no confident with wat i answer and summore i know i got lose some marks edi due to my negligence, my fault but yet I still hope that I can get good marks in this paper..
HopeFully the God heard wat i requested..Thx..
Yesterday night, get a message from mummy and family.thx and love u all^^
They wish me good luck for my paper. But Now i feel so guilty cos i m not really do well for today's paper..Soli, i wasted your wishes and disappointed u all nth to say...
my sweetheart, ur wish...thx for it..i hope i really can do well in coming exam..
Today, before going to exam, baby call me up wish me good luck..thx and i like it when everytime u call me to wish me luck and ur good luck kiss^^
to my dear sister, ya~~ thx for comfort me last nite..and ur msg make me cry..T.t
but it give inspirations to me to study harder..thx^^

I shall study harder and harder and gambateh~~..
i dun wan to let it happen once again...
I got answer all the Qs but yet i still scare that i ll fail or get low marks for tis paper..haih..
sad case...

A fren of mine, Alvin said, We shall look forward for the future but not step on the same place stop at the same point thinking bout the things that already happened.Like that only will make our life harder and nothing changes.

Okok...i ll get my own way back and keep studying on the next subjects...
jia you eeping~~ aZa aZa fighting!!!come on, you can do it..haha

okla..wan to take a short nap cos tonight ll be a long long nite for study..haha

wish me luck u guys^^

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