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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

updating post for wilson bday^^

well...after finishing my post just now, suddenly tot of update about the wil wil's bday^^

Last friday 11th, pei jiun, me and his gf make a plan to suprise wiLson on his bday..

The plan is his gf, chee san will bring him out jalan jalan 1st then will go to sing K
**well, both of them like to sing lots**
After that, all of our frens will go sing k too..**purposely**
well, we make another booking as well...and after reach greenbox..

We purposely dun wan take the route that ll pass by his sing k room to take the tidbits and drinks..
Everything seems like going smoothly...^^
So, Pei jiun decided to go find wilson and giv him the suprise.He go out to take de cake..
At this moment..**OMG**
Right after Pei jiun left the room, Wilson appeared in our
SWT''' 99
that is because ah loong and wilson meet up at the toilet and then ah loong jiu bring wilson to our room lor..lolz...

the suprise no more...
**sad case**

After that, i rush to approach pei jiun ask for the cake cos wilson know our plan edi..haha..

Then we fast fast run to our room with the bday cake..once i go in to our room...

ei~~ wilson not there edi wor...
they all say he going back to his room edi..
Then everybody sing bday song to me "shun bian" celebrate my bday also...zzz...
make me paiseh lor... ahha..
but then we all run to Wilson's sing k room and give him the bday cake..He looks so suprise and laugh till see the teeth kenot see the eyes..haha

~~pictures time~~
**a shy shy face**
see..everyone so happy for my bday..haha

The bday cake^^

our rare guess..haha..ah wingz...

wah..our "tauke sho paying the bills^^thankz...
p/s: the "tauke" is sitting just beside her..^^

camwhored awhile with my sista^^

hui min, his gf--chee san, me, wan ting and ice.. + wilson^^


everyone looks at Alvin's drinks?haha...

he kena edi?haha...
i think he tot very yeng lor..haha

wah..wingz looks so happy..

no worry my are not the 1st one who did this..haha

the love birds^^

The bday boy singing a song^^

wat happens to wilson and his gf???
take 1..=)

take 2..=)

take 3..=)

last take^6
the more pretty wan...
focus at wingz..wat's he doing..haha..kesian jizz...

After the sing k session, we go the Wong kok to having our dinar^^
The bday boy got his big big nai cha^^

but we still sempat to took sm pictures b4 going to wong kok..haha

three girls^^

a uncle and a boy^^

Afterthe dianr..of cos it is yum cha time lor..
but only 8 of us going since others feel tired and sm busy with others thingy..might busy studying
And the Point is
we heading to Look Out Point^^
so long nvr go there edi after the Earth hour event on April if not mistake..

we had our drinks at Gasonline^^

got a bit blur..thankx to Robert...~.^

Personally i heart this 1..^^

and this 1^^ nice ma?|XD|

we go home bout 2am...

That nite end with lotsa lotsa of fun..
hope wilson like the celebration although the suprise was not really so "suprise"...^^

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