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Saturday, September 5, 2009

freaking happy and suprise because of some1^6^

my mood is freaking good now because some1 calling me from UK..
omg~~ get a phone call from my lovely housemate + senior , SEan from UK just now..
i almost cant recognize his voice already since the past 3 months didn't talk to him through phone..only msn sometimes..

Suprise x 10000000....uncountable..haha...
thankx for the wishes^^ heart it a lots <3> i ll jia you jia you de!!
and i m really really appreaciated it lots..
thanks for still calling me since ur phone was almost run out of credit..haha..
(myb i can bank in to u the

I really miss you so much..miss the time we used to study together and we will encourage each other to study hard.If study until very sien edi, can chat for awhile then continue to study...If iIcant make it on time to wish you **good luck** for ur exam on the next day,
i ll leave u a short note to wish u **good luck**, stick it on ur door and u ll do the same thing to me too..
freaking miss those day so so muchie...

eeping + Sean at Fullhouse

taken during last year his burfday^^
dunno wat we are doing..haha

both promoting the

crews working to cleaning and tidy up our house for
and the new curtain^^

oldTown-ing...waiting for my sista's fren coming^^

take care my dearest fren and good luck for ur finals too^^
must get good result k? (well, i know u sure can do it well!! right? ~.^)
okay, we jia you fight together ba~~
just like what we have been through for 1 and half year b4 u leaving this sweet sweet home^^

p/s: remember our date after u back from UK ya~~
cant wait to see you soon^^ <3>

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  1. aiseh~ aiseh~ jealous neh~ haha...just kidding la.. then u nw sure full of power + energy lO~ get such important wishes from so far......=)
    jiayou lO~
    p/s: the date can count me in ar~ lol