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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

today not going anywhere, i just stay at home be a guai guai lui studying..
the plan cancel edi cos i scare i cant manage to finish my notes..
**sorry baby, wasted ur plan**
but then baby and I decided to go on next time^^
after my exam..^^

Sunway Lagoooooooonnnnn, wait for me...........

Left 1 chapter to wan to oi oi chu awhile 1st la...
continue later after i wake up^^

p/s: countdown-ing 2 days for my 21st bdAy^^...

but its just too bad cos i cant celebrate it on 17th--my big day, due to the C2pid college set the exam on the next day--->18th morning..haih...
nvmla..i m quite used to it edi since my 3 years college life also like tat..XD
hope i can do well for my 18th de paper^6
jia you eeping^^

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