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Saturday, September 12, 2009

babyboy's bday celebration^^

soli to those who really got follow my blog for so long only update about his bday^^ cos i m sitting exams right now and my exam will only end on bday include in the exam period..sian wan..every year also like tat wan..haha..i m quite use to it edi..haha okok..back to the topic^^ here the story goes.. on his bday eve, i m going to his kajang house give him a big suprise..i know he dun even think that i ll go there suprise him cos i nvr do so..this is the very firsttime^^ **wilson fecth me there, thxthx..and gotta thx kee soon for the Satay too**

I lied my baby say that i m going out tea with my hometown frens and he trust me without any doubt atall..haha..
First step, success edi..

After i reach kajang, after the Satay section with Kee soon and wilson, its almost 12 edi..
Its time to make my move if not sure ll be late edi..

When i reach Baby's kajang hse, i call him up and tell him tat i reach home after the tea..
But then actually i m reach his house there..
I asked him, what's his doing right now? and then i asked him to go his frens room which directly see to the front gate at outside..He was just so suprise to see me..He ask me, u not going out tea wan meh?lol...still asking this Q..then he realised himself that i lied him.
**Sorry baby**

He hugs me so tight..i know he was really really suprise with my appear at his house..^^

All his housemates also come out and sing songs for him..

picture taken by Aaron and now let the picture do the talking^^
happy birthday to my honey **bee**...

love you deep deep^^

me and him^^

His housemate and my fren^^

three of us..
A big Bow credit to Mr. Wilson^^ The night end after the suprise bday celebration^^ The next day... I bring baby to Jogoya Starhill to having our dinar..Treat the dinar as his bday dinar lor^^ both of us eat till veryvery full..**a satisfied face =*) **

pictures time again^^

taken when heading to KL..

us at OLd-town-ing


bout 5pm we reach Jogoya..i had make my booking so we just need to pay and
walk in^^

plenty of food till i forget wat's this^^


ma's boy^^

him again^^
holding the VIP coupons for Special VIP dishes^^

Cheese Baked Prawn..BAby's favourite..

oysters....i m not really interested with it..
it's like ~~Yiaks~~

snails...i like to eat it..haha..u need to suck it out so that u can eat it^^

THe Salmon...**yummyyummy**

The King crab..
Thumbs up...

oysters with lemons..

baked eels...delicious..i want somemore..haha

a table of foods^^

this of wat we called small steamboat..haha...
you can choose wat's u wan t to eat and put in this small paper wolk and cook it^^
you cna choose the soup as well...

lotsa lotsa of dessert...

my favourite..chocolate fondue^^
heart it deepdeep..haha

**picture of the day**

me and baby^^
after finished our meal..
fulltank edi...

the toilet...looks like real roses, are they?
but well, its fake wan...but looks awesome and pretty rite?^^

and after the dinar, home sweet home..
After reach home, gotta put my head back to my notes..haih..
WEll, wat to's a student main responsible to study well and keep climbing up for more n more knowledge...
I believes i did it well though..haha...

p/s: Fighting until today..
Still left 1 paper on 18th of the month..
So plz wish me good luck all the way ya~~
i know i m not do well in all my paper i think, but yet i still hope i can get goood result..^^
thxthx god for bleesing me all the way^^

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