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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

R.I.P Gary

I get a news from baby just now..A fren of him had Dead...
I m so shocked when i heard it.

I know baby feels sad and i feel sad too cos I had been meet up with him once during a fren's bday party.
He is a good looking guy, with a good result and he was a sport man too.

It just happen too sudden and no one know why and how he died..
He was participate in the King of the Road Competition on Sunday and he is gone after finished the competition.
Everyone searching for him, but kenot get him..

Finally, after 24 hrs they report to Police.
And Polices get his body at Shah Alam Stadium beside a rubbish dump at the unloading area...

Omg~ he was dead...
Everyone get shocked and sad.
It was a mystery.
The case is still under the investigation.
Hope can find out wat's going on very soon.

I m sure his family, frens and his Gf will be very very sad.

Pity his gf. He just gone like that n Never come back to her. T.T

You all can view a short video at Youtube which taken by others during the competition.
In the video, Gary was fainted after finished the marathon.

Just click the link.

The guy fainted and been move out by the Perubatan Team.
But, where did the team bring him?
Why he disappears like that only and no ones can get thro him?

Lotsa Quenstion Marks

Can you guys do me a favor?
If u guys found any info regarding to this incident,can u guys drop me a message here or
call this number 012-2121815 and looks for Mr. Andrew and told him wat you get or wat u see..

Thanks for your cooperation.
Appreciate it much.


Old folks have a phrase say that "Life is short, So enjoy every moment in ur life because Today wont know Tomorrow's matters" Yeah~ no body will know wats will happen next rite? So guys...Keep enjoying wat u r doing rite now, Appreciate what you have right now..
Stop complaining and keep going.

Because Life is short and Unpredictable.


Life is really Unpredictable...

p:s. I m so glad that i got u...I will Love you, Love you and Love you baby...ThANKS gOD..

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