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Saturday, August 8, 2009

happy bday wendy^^ and nice to meet you

Yesterday night having an outing with baby.
The bday gurl was baby's kai mui, thus its my kai mui

we having a bday dinar at Tony Roma's at Cineplex.

Well, first time meeting up his other frens so i m kinda nervous^^

About 8.30, all of us edi reach the restaurant and As usual, the introduce session started.
All of us starting to know each other cos some frens was wendy's course mate so baby dunno them and of cos i dunno them too..^^

ok, let the picture tell the story^^

the bday gurl WEndy^^
Nice to meet you and happy bday^6^

Benjamin and wendy..

them again but cute version this pic..i mean the Ben..haha

Do u all feel that this picture kinda formal? lol...
Me and baby dunno y sit like tat..swt'''

My man..

the L.O.V.E birds again^^

three of us..

wendy and moi..

Picture of the day^^

Well, this outing was kinda memorable to me. First time meeting new frens first time went to Tony Roma's..
The food was delicious and the people was just nice..
During the dinar, we all chit chatting and do have fun..
Appreciate the moment we spent together and I'm glad to noe you all...

Baby, thanks for the meal ya~~ love you


p/s: countdown 1 day for someone cos he gonna left me alone here and go to Redang so-fu~..hmph!!

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