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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

happy dinner time^^

Went to dinner after 7pm class.
Today, all the genting kelang members all dinner together..
Whoa~~ such an historical moment..since its quite a long time we all didn't sit down and having dinner together edi...
Dai lou--Alvin, Sai lou--Ah wingz, Uncle-pei jiun, Kepo--ah hong, Fatfat--bing yao, pretty--hui min, wan ting, wilson, Mr. Robert, Ah long ge and me^^
all 11 members dine together..

No picture was taken since all reject to take picture..all say not nice look wor...haih..such an historical moment, no picture pulak..haih...
**sambat me**

anyway, we all chit chatting around after finish bout East South West North, kepo here and there..all talking and laughing so loud..well, thats us...wherever we go, the laughing sure go together with
Yeah~~ they are all **Rainbow of my liFe**


happy bday to miss Jolin^^ congratulation, u are now officially 21st already...can get married need parents sign for you edi..haha..wish u all the best in future and long long sweet sweet with ur JY^^

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