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Friday, August 7, 2009

Comedy-Romance-The Proposal.....

A sudden outing with my baby cos he got holidays starting today^^

That was because his Uni gotta close for a week due to the confirmation of a infected case.o0ops...dunno is a Good news or Bad news???

Freaking happy him and his frens..lolz..Well, busy for a week edi then got time to rest finally..

And he is off to Redang with his brothers on next week..Well, gotta have fun guys...Enjoy ur trip^^

I went to watch The Proposal just now..Well, i like the story..Comedy and a romance story.The conversation between Sandra and Ryan plus his family was funny..

I like Sandra Bullock as well, i think she is a good actor and she looks beautiful.

In the movie, Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) is a man on a mission. For four year’s, he’s endured the tortures of the damned working for New York-based book editor Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) as her all too put-upon assistant. All so that he can fulfill his desire to become an editor in his own right.

Margaret isn’t having anything to do with Andrew’s plans and dreams. She keeps him hopping, constantly off balance and on the defensive, all while clawing her way higher up the corporate publishing ladder.

Then, one day, she discovers she’s going to lose her job because she’s about to be deported to her native Canada for failing to have the proper visa. In a blinding flash, she assures her bosses that her immigration status is about to change because she’s about to marry a U.S. citizen: Andrew.

And then..

The story begin with lots of funny things about Andrew's Granny, mum and etc...

You guys can find it out urself...

Andrew wants Margaret to proposed to him on her knee at the street.

Annie Granny and Margaret in the movie..

This show was not bad..I like the story line as well.You guys shldn't miss it^^Go for a movie and relax~~haha...

No tim for thesis but got time foe movie..lolz...and i want to watch Overheard and G.I. JOE...

Hope got time for it..^^

ok..its time for me to sleep ^^

nite everyone ^^

sleep tight^^


  1. Can't wait to see this.. ^_^

    Visiting your blog :)

  2. it is sus a nice show hoho~ i watched at penang ~