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Friday, August 21, 2009

just a short post^6^

since my lovely sweetheartsay my blog is really i just do a short post to satisfy her..lolz..

Well, today is a super happy day for me..
hah..cos today is the submission date for my half part of my final project..
yeah~~ after couples of day do my work like no day no night..
finally, i m Done!!
super happy and satisfy with my work..haha

Is time for me to relax b4 my exam coming^^
Tomoro will going to sing k with frens and go for a movie with my man later on..din meet him up for a weeks edi..freaking miss

and heading back to hometown on saturday^^
My grandpa bday celebration definitely i must be there wat..if not, i m sure my grandpa wont have a **big nicely smile** on that

okla, i wan to sleep lo..tomoro gonna be another burn mid-night-oil night..but this time not for my homework, is for fUN..haha

good nite everyone^^

p/s: everyone must take good care bout urself kay? the H1N1 disease bcm more and more serios edi..drink lots of water and dun always sleep late..haha..


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