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Monday, August 24, 2009

Dun be sad baby...

baby.. i know u r still very sad but dun thk bout it edi k? tomoro the technician will settle for u wan...myb all the things will can be recover back leh...think positively k?
Still rmb everytime when i got problems, who telling not to be sad and tell me to think positively?
Is you..., thk posotively ya~~ myb the problems not tat serious leh~~

and about the photo...
ir really gone, we still here ma...many memories we can built it together in future~~ 10 years, 20 years...and..many many years to go...
About ur families wan, i thibnk ur daddy will understand..u slao dun wna it to happen wan rite?Align Center
i m sure ur daddy wont mad at u wan...
baby, just cheer up ya~~

my honey bee feeling sad...i oso feeling sad..T.t

p/s: i hope baby's sick lappy will get well very very soon ya~~

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