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Friday, July 31, 2009

PC fair--First day..

WEll, i just finish showering..Today work for PC fair, damn kao tired long never stand for long hours my leg like like kenot walk even for a step..yeah~ just pain...

and i m quite happy that today i got 2 sales..well, i noe i m not a good sale person but luckily i got 2 today..ya~ just L.U.C.K

Actually, one of it is my fren pass to me wan...a new fren..he just pass the sales to me even i dunno his name...lolz...such a nice guy..haah..anyway, thx ya~
cos i m still eating an ZERO from morning till he being so nice to me and pass me the thx in a million...if can, tomro i ll pass back 1 to you ya~..

Pc fair, really really pack especially at hall 1,2,3,4, working booth is at hall 1.
Today is just the 1st day, and i edi cant breath freely.sometimes even feel like hard to breathe cos too pack edi...hope fully tomro wont be tat pack but if its not pack, then i cant get sales okla, just get pack lar...give up...@.@

i gotta sleep lor..cos tomoro need to wake up early not cos go to working.It's because i m gonna cooking breakfast for my love one..Well, hope he will like my food and enjoy the food as well..haah...

nite everyone...

Love ya~


wish me luck..thx thx^^

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