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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

waiting for tomoro^^

Just now i log in my facebook then i post a comment on my wall stated that " waiting for tomoro"...
Then, dunno wat's so interesting bout it..everyone talking bout it and leave some comment as well..haha...thx for so give face ar~~^^
Actually, yeah~ there was smth on outing v my bee = honey~~
Miss him and cant wait to see him on tomoro^^
Well, we din meet up for a week edi..Myb that cause me miss his silly but lovely face so much now...lolz..

okla, tomoro got class at 8am but the class till 10am only..The other class canceled cos the lecturer was kinda busy v his thingys..Already 2 weeks he cancel his class..P:s Hope wont have replacement

its getting late, so i beta sleep now if not tomoro ll have a big panda hanging around in Tar College lor..okla, nite everyone...sleep tight^^

ciaoz... went to watch basketball match..Our team--> ABD2 team WON..
yeah~~ ROCK it baby...+u +U till the final^^
Gao lao, ah wing, ah hong, Jizz,Tanggo, we will be very proud of you...haha...

p/s: this 2 days kinda free but after tomoro i have to be very busy again..yeah~ assignment comes to me again...
+u eeping...

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