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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

my head gonna explode very very soon...

halo everyone~
its been a week i din update my blog d..haih...busy + lazy..haha..
well, lazy is my error...^^

so, now just a short post to let u guys noe wat i m doing recently^^

yerterday, i just back from penang.I reach KL bout pm and my best of the best fren--peijiun come pudu to fetch me..well, thanks him so so much cos he was the one who fetch me go and back frm pudu bus station..thanks my fren...^^

After i reach home, unpack my stuffs then i call hui min asking about wats happening when i m not around..OMG~wat a big noew..i gotta submit my thesis-final project title within this week..ASAP..swt~.~'''
i just back from penang with my heart still together with my boy, then suddenly..i gotta get my head into the thesis pulak..WTH...
shit la wei...i really hav no idea bout wat i gonna do research for my final project..i scared i choose wrong topic then kenot find many infor to continue my thesis..haih...
sien sien ar~~
and now i m suffer from thinking the title..keep thinking..keep thinking..keep thinking...

and soli for not update for my gua tempurung trip and my penang trip but i ll try to update as soon as posible..promise~~haha...

okla, i gotta sleep lor..cos very tired d summore tomoro got replacement classT.T

nite everyone^^
sleep tight~~

p/s: god , blees me plz....

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