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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

3 days 2 nights wonderful trip^^

i got time to updated about my long long time 3days 2nights trip..
soli ya frens~make u guys waiting so long... the story goes~~

16.05.2009 First day of the trip

we start our journey about 1pm then we heading to kepong to having our lunch 1st..
we ate the famous "siew ngap" at the 卫星市..after tat, we go to 记得吃 eat dessert..the mango sai mai lou really really nice to eat...**thumbs up**

this is the siew ngap^^itik panggang

the desserts...

After tat, we start our journey to kuala selangor which is our 1st destination^^
uncle is driving...

on the way to kuala selangor...see..the traffic..the queue become so long..dunno is it uncle's fault lor..haha
p.s: of cos he's not a real uncle..just a little nick name for him^^

hmm..about 2 hrs driving, finally we reach kuala selangor..First first we visit Bukit Melawati of Kuala Selangor.
We sit the train special for tourists climb up to the top of the hill...As wat my fren say, dis Bukit was a famous historical place which the war was happen at this Bukit last after we climb up to the top of the hill, can see many many cannons there..At the old times, they using all the cannons to fight and win in the war..
(lolz..making story myself..myb peoples edi using machine gun, M16 , etc...haha)

somebody is sitting and pose-ing with the cannon..haha

these are all the cannons..i dunno y it's been cover by yellow clothes lor...myb for aesthetics purpose gua..lolz


of cos we all wont miss the chance to take pic with all these historical thingy..hihi

p.s: we asking a little boy to help us took the pic ang By.Ng promise to buy him a sweet if he capture, Yao..u bought the sweet d?haha..dun jia jia forget ar~~

After the this..we heading to Sekinchan to find Robert..He stay ther and we go find him and the he will follow us too..
Once arrive, This Mr. Robert..I really have no idea with him de..He keep asking us to go toilet only lor..dunno " zo mat kai" de lor..Nevermind then, when we meet his mom, his mom oso asking us the same question...we all "ZZZ" directly..
Now only we believe, 有其母必有其子...lolz...

ok..close topic on this..actually, we all keep talking about this along the trip..haha..

After meet up with him..yeah~~ its time for us to visit the greeneries paddy field..

this place looks awesome rite?with all the paddy field..of cos with all of the "models" oso lar..haha

the greeneries paddy..looks nice?
wat u guys doing huh?ak idea~

the view of the paddy field...

cammy, mee and wan ting..feel like got put effect in this pic? la, it's Mr robert make it like dis..lolz

thx cs...

thx cammy^^
wah~~ y uncle so happy pointed to the sky?anythings up there, buddy?^^

candid shot 1...focus on By Ng..

candid shot 2..focus on By Ng oso...

can u guys see the different?
lolz..just the mouth movement only..haha..

Theday is getting dark its time for us to have our dinar^^
we are going to eat seafoods as our dinar..
Thx By Ng for the dinar cos he pay for it..haha..thx a millions....

After the seafoods dinar, we heading to the next destination---> watching fireflies..
woohoo~~ excited for it..
But after went there, i m quite disappointed with it since tat was not really that much fireflies as wat we can see from the picture thro internet..haih..but still consider many lar..
and when we on the boat, we must be in silent mode..myb if there were any noisy ll scared the fireflies gua..
But we din really switch ourselves to silent mode lar..we still whisper-ing when we on the boat...
and i think the ANG MO who on the same boat with us sure "beh ta han" with us lor..haha...

all of us at the fireflies park~~

do you seen a big fireflies like dis b4?
of cos not me la...the back there la...

The first day of our trip meet a full stop after we visit the fireflies farm...
going back to By Ng's hse have sweet-night-sleep...and the stories ll be continue on the next day^^

17.05.2009 Second day of trip

yeah~~early in the morning we had "bak kut teh" as our breakfast..whoa~~ wat a rich breakfast...

yumy yummy~~

After the breakfast, we start to heading to our next destination--Ipoh lor...
We take about 2 hrs ++ to reach Ipoh and then meet up with my Ipoh fren--Dan, he is the one who act as our free tour guide for this trip when we stay at Ipoh..thankx ya Dan..
But6 before we reach Ipoh, we stay at Kampar awhile to taste the famous "bread chicken" ...

the herbs bread chicken...nice

the curry bread chicken..**thumbs up**

After the chicken...we heading to Ipoh lor..
After meeting my fren, he bring us go visit all those caves caves...
Actually, going to ipoh only can do 2things..
First is visiting all the caves
Second is eat all the delicous + famous foods of Ipoh...
That's all...Am I rite, peng you...hihi

This is the 1st place we visit..
p.s: Ignore the person in the picture..Focus on the name of the cave plz... Thx 4 ur cooperation..^^

3 gals...cammy..eeping..wanting..

all of us..

Sam Poh Tong..

U guys wna to noe how he loooks like?haha..okok..this is his pic...

Dan's fren..eeping and DAn...

the second places we visit..It's call Guan Yin Ting, "观音亭" if not mistaken..

This horse looks like unicorn tat i love since i was stil a small kids..
I m asking Moon Grandpa to searching a guy for me..anyone willing to sit beside me forever?
永结同心with me?

The 3rd cave we visiting...Kek Lok Tong..^^

The Kek Lok Tong is the 3rd places we visit..this cave more beautiful if compare with the other 2..I love the cave more cos of the view..When you pass thro the entrance here, u can reach another place with a green fields and a very nice natural landscaping..All by natural..It's mostly slightly like a garden or park and many peoples go there jogging and picnic or hanging out at there..
Really a nice place...

of cos wont forget to take a picture b4 leave this nice place..

this is my frens..Dan and his fren...
on the way back^^

WEll... after all the cave-visiting...we heading to Kellie's Castle..
let's see the picture...

kellie's CAstle..

After went here, we going back to the hotel that we booked
which is The Majestic Station Hotel..
This hotel actually was build about 100++ years ago..We book this hotel cos me and wanting
like the classic feel of this hotel..lolz...
and when we reach there..yaya, its really very very classic including the lift cna only use for Ground floor and 3rd floor..zzz..the lift was very old type 1..The lift have double door and we need to close the door ourselves..just like those hoisting lift in construction site...lolz...

|After check in settle down all our thingy, we going to "Lao Huang" to eat the most famous food at Ipoh---> BeanSprout Chicken...yummy yummy~~

yeah~~after the dinar we going to watch movie at Kinta City JUsco.
we watched Angels & Demons..

This movie quite nice but you might feel bored at the beginning.
The story line quite good and it's talk bout the Church and the angel's statue...
Worth to watch it^^

The nite end after our movie..
After the sleep, it's our turn to visit Gua Tempurung..I believe tat night everybody sure feeling excited for it..lolz

18.05.2009 Third day of the trip

Everybody wake up early in the morning, get well prepared and we heading to Gus Tempurung but b4 that..We gotta eat breakfast 1st if not no energy to take challenge at The Gua..haha..

Picture was taken b4 we leaving...

Foh San Dim Sum...

our breakfast..yummy yummy~~

heading to the Gua..

Yeah~~here we come..GUA TEMPURUNG...
exciting pulak..

There are 4 tour packages with different pricing that you can choose in exploring the cave.
We choose wet tour 3 which is Top Of The World and Short River Adventure..This tour that takes you for a journey of about 2.4km and it will cover the Golden Flowstone and Top Of The World after which you will be guided back to the entrance using the underground river. We all get wet as we walk along the cold and crystal clear river. Total duration needed for the entire tour is 2 hours and 30 minutes.The entrance fees for adult is RM11.00.

There are lighting and platforms that have been built for the initial part of the cave to enable you to walk with ease. If you are more adventures, you can choose to go deeper into the cave depending on which tour package you take.No picture was taken when we were in the cave cos our camera not water-proof wan..

So the picture below was showing what we actually been through when we were inside the cave..

We need to do all these high challenging actions when
we taking the route..haha..challenging hor?
can have a try if u wan to..

our tour guide..he so so frenly..

ofcos we wont forget to take a picture after the challenging tour..haha..

After that, we heading to searching for ipoh famous OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE..


here is it...

Nam Heong..

Then, Dan bring us to eat a famous Tao Fu Fa..and it's only can be drive thru wan..macan MCD lor..haha

and the famous Kaya Puff too..the Kaya Puff really really nice lor..and the boss oso very friendly..hehe..

When we finish eating the tau fu fa.we heading back to KL lor..yeah~~ our 3days trip finish edi finally..haha..

On the way back the time, we oso going to Sungkai Hot Spring to play water..haha..Its really really fun..But we only play for an hour and its wasn't enuf for all of, we plan to go there AGAIN..^^

I would say..This was a really really nice trip..


I hope u guys will still remember those happiness wherever we are, whatever we are doing..Will still remember our college life although we will still leave each other agter graduate..Will still thinking of our sweet time, crazy time, bluffing time and our yum cha talking nonsense time..

Frens, I love you guys...I really really DO!!

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