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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Say Bye to Singapore n Hi Malaysia

I m -away- from Singapore to Malaysia for few day,for Chinese New Year Holidays..wooS~ I miss my home..miss my family..miss my friends..and of cos my bed^^
A big thanks to Mr Wilson as he comes to Airport to pick me up..thx for coming as my last minutes information..Zzz..
I m so grateful that I got u as my best friend..always helping me^^ as I always troubling you..hohoho..paiseh paiseh~
Sometimes,a good friend is better than ur seriously..
Althought best friend is no-blood-relating to you,they may be better than your family.

Alright,I m now sitting alone at the departure gate and blogging using my new love IP4..thanks my bee for the I can blogging at anywhere,everywhere..hugs + kiss kiss..

I wish you guys, who are reading this post A very happy Chinese new year and all the best in whatsoever you are doing and stay happy n healthy..A good health win everything..

With LVE,
Eeping Chin
-18:13- Changi Airport- Gate C11-

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