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Monday, January 24, 2011

I m so emo today.
He confirms to fly on 24th Jan 2011.
Pity him can’t celebrate CNY at here.
Pity him gonna leave me and his family alone.
Pity me, not even spent time about two weeks, then he leave me alone.
Pity me, gonna celebrate CNY, valentines day without him.
Pity me, gonna go to airport alone on 29th Jan (back to msia)
At this moment,
I start to miss him already.
But, what to do….
Working is working.
Can’t just enjoy without working.
No working, no money.
No money, no life, no future.
Life is reality, can’t keep drowned in the LOVE sea.
Working is working.
Can’t simply put a reason and dragging don’t want to go now.

I can’t deny I miss him so much, but gotta keep deep inside my heart.
I admitted I m fragile under his protection,
Without him by my side now.
I gotta be strong.
Stronger than everyone, anyone.

I understand,
What you are doing right now,
Is to give me a better future, give us comfortable life.
We gotta be strong.
To keep our love journey keep going.
I dare to say,
I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
So do you.

P/s: I love you.


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