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Monday, January 24, 2011

First day we apart from each other ='(

He leaves me alone again.
He flies to Algiers again.
He will stay there for 3months again.
He makes me miss him so much again.

Working, working, working, besides working, still working.
Life = working.
Life = money.
X working = X money.
Most of us also understand this equation.
Everyone wants money.
Everyone have to work for it.
Everyone have to sacrifice something for it.
Time, memory, family, friends or even lover.
Not sacrifice them, but the time spent with them.

Like wat I say,
We gotta be strong.
Face the obstacles in front of us, and wandering hand by hand until we grow old.
We will spend time together, walking in the park, your hand holding my hand, watching our grandchild running, playing, laughing, crying.
Etc etc etc…..

With Love,

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