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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lonely without You ='(

My *bee* fly back to his home country tonight.
I bo song liao lo..leave me alone here =(
but...but...i couldn't be so Selfish, he got to spent time with his family and friends as well.
I got a bad bad news today, this afternoon.
He told me, after he comes back from his home country, he gotta fly to Algeria again on 21st of Jan.
I can't spent time with him again =(
However, he doesn't make the choice, is the choice making him..sigh..Working ma, wat to do =/
Fxxx up!!!!
I know he don't want this as well. I bet he misses me too..haha.. *SS*

Anyway.. Enjoy ur time with friends + family baby..
-I love you-

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