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Sunday, January 9, 2011

My new ♥ - IP 4G

Finally i can my abc wishing list edi..woohoo~~

Today went to a phone shop, queue up early in the morning, just to sign for the IP 4..swt..
i can't believe i d othis..LOL

but yeah, finally i manage to get one=)

From now on, i can Facetime with the people i want to see.
From now on, I can keep updating my facebook,
From now on, i can keep updating my twit twit..
cos i got data plan on the=) called SmartSurf plan..
12GB per month..i bet i can't finish it thou, as i m not Download kaki..XD

Today is my Happiest day in 2011 *so far*
*big wide smile*

anyway, tomoro is another working day..

Good night world=)


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