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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

thanks my lovely family...

i get a phone call from my aunty just now.she told me that my dad and mum was so worried bout me, actually is my health..
Well, last weekend i went to take my health report and it wasn't really good but not so bad..
just my stomach got small small problems..( that was wat i think)

The report stated that my stomach got what Helicobacter bacteria.
It also known as H. pylori, it’s a spiral-shaped bacterium which along with acid secretion damages stomach and duodenal tissue, causing inflammation and peptic ulcers.
but of cos mine one not tat serious la..just that my stomach got infection i think.

And my aunty told me that, my parents wan so worried bout me. It makes me feel guilty and dunno what can i do only make them relieves a bit about my health.

And i called mum just now , she just told me to take good care bout myself and dun always sleep so late at night. I also dun wan to do so, but i must stay awake so that my work only can be done. p/s: my sweetheart, plz dun stay up till so late same v me ar~~

Well, from now on, i promise will sleep early.. a bit...and really really take good care bout my health especially my little tummy..
NO spicy food..
NO tomyam..
NO cold drinks..
strictly no this kind of thingy~~
** OMG~~ i ll suffer looking people eating tomyam steamboat, eating curry mee as well as nasi lemak with sambal~~ **a big waterly eyes**

what to do, this was all due to my own fault..T.T **regret-ing**

I m getting worried after reading an internet article just now. So, i decided to really really take good care bout myself right now~~
most important is, I DUN WAN LOVELY DADDY AND MUMMY worried bout me....

ya~~ eeping is gonna lives in a very healthy lifestyle..

hope the infection wont getting more serious and serious...
I love you, mum and dad...

p/s: aunty and uncles who are closest to me, thx for urs all just like my second parents who really care a bout me and always cook delicious food for me^^ thxthx

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