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Thursday, October 8, 2009

21st burfday with the boyfriend

Location: Everywhere at the Genting highland....

My burfday cake^^
special rite?=)))
thankx the boyfriend..

burfday cake with the burfday gal..

a bIg **waterly** eyes looking at the little cuppa cakes...
yeah~~ baby, u make it..u make me cried...
tears of ~touch~ falls from my eyes...

little cute cuppacake^^

anyone interested in this little cute one, can just click this link..View the website..
can make your booking thru the web too..That's wat my baby do..

the boyfriend...

camwhoring while waiting for the dinar^^

the suprise-exciting-face...haha

playing around with the cuppacake^^

eeping in the house^^

well, i m officially 21 edi lor..
happy bday to me^^

By wondermilk...

boyfriend and me^^

credit to the waitress who helps to take this blurblur picture..zzz

Dinar of the day^^
Kenny Roger..The place where we had our first dinar on our very first date^^

After the dinar, we walking around at GEnting see see look look at there..haah
of cos not forget to take some picture lor..
it's pictures time^^

spot the different in this two pics..haha

waiting for someone???

here i come baby...^^

thx to another person who help me take picture..blur blur picture too..XD

After the lepak-lepak..we go to Starbucks to have a drinks..

baby plays with his little touchable one while i m on the phone with my aunty^^

playing with my reddie baobei--the camera^^


Tik tok tik tok tik tok tik tok...the time reach 12am edi~
yeah~~I m now legally 21 and wat can i do at genting?
of cos getting in the the place that i have never been before lo---> the CASINO..
Last year during merry Xmas, i tried to get in but I FAiled..
but Now i can walk in the CASINO while holding my IC ..

After i get in there, i feel like us are just too young in there..EVeryone in the casino really looks different, dunno how to describe..i dun really like those feeling.
their face just looks so fierce like they were try to tell me that :" You please dun walk in front of me, u might ll stop me to win in the game.~.
i just scare lor but the boyfriend say all of them is like tat wan wor..i gotta used to it when i m in there..~.^

Actually, this is really my very first time to go in to the casino, i saw things that i never saw before, lots of thing..
REally a good experience for me..
Thankz to my love one to give me this chance once i m 21st..XD **a BIG bOW**

not forget to take picture when inside the casino..Xd
taken in the toilet..haha

In the casino, there are free flow of Coffee, milo and orange juice..
no wonder when i was a small kids, my aunty and parents always say that they go inside the casino to have some coffee..Now i know wats they mean..

baby give me hundred Ringgit to test play..People say 1st time player got luck wan..then i play lor..haha..but i think my luck wasn't good enuf so i din win but lose the hundred ringgit..
sorry baby..

we back at 2 smth like tat.The night was just too beautiful to me..
and my life is just too good to have You by myside, baby..
I want to let the whole world know that I love you so much..
thankz for everyeveryeverything you done for me just to give me an unforgettable 21st burfday celebration.. and thx for the pressie too..^^

Picture of the day...

my birthday
Location: Cannes CAfe--GEnting Kelang^^

My last paper is on 18th of sept, means the day after my bday so i still gotta put my head into my tonnes of notes on my bday..
then my lovely sister was just so nice to accompany me to have dinner although she was very tired back from working^^
thankz sister..

Dunno whre to go to have my dinar so i chose this place, Cannes CAfe at genting kelang..
WEll, the place wasn't that good as well..haha
I ordered wat Portugis Chicken Rice..(dunno wat's it called edi)
Sour plum soda..

the drink was quite tasty..

sista and me^^

the shop..

sis looks fat in the pic..Xd

Thankz for the dinar sister^^
although u paid for the dinner but u still owed my a burfday present kay? haha

another bday celebration with Rainbow of my life
Location: Taman Botanical Shah Alam + NZX- |Fullhouse|

After the last paper, everyone was just so happy and exciting for the holidays..haah
Thankz forall my frens that not forget to prepare me a bday celebration..
A big thanks to hui min cos she posponed to back to hometown cos of me, same to KC as well, thanks (but i think the main reason is KC wan to stay longer to spent time with her gf..Xd) not forgotten thanks to Robert because he cancels his appointment cos of me.. Thanks to peijiunand wilson, my besties who helps to plan for my celeration and be the Driver of the day..of cos thanks to wan ting,my sista and Byao, her bf-- he is a good buddy of mine too..haha
thankx to Meng hua and BObo cos they spent time to go out with us..!st time experience to go out with u guys..haha
A big big bow credit to all of you..**SAlute**
i just heart my people so so much..

Although the day wasn't a sunny day, it's was a raining day, but still i appreciate what u guys plan and done for me..thanks..

Okay, let's the pictures do talking^^

on the way heading to the Taman Botanical Shah Alam..
thanks my baby to be my GPS guide me there..XD

KC's car..7218

once reach there, it's close..LOL..we reach at 6pm but it closed at 5pm..
OMG~~ it's must be a kidding..we came from so far but it's close..
nonono~~ it's not a kidding, it's really wat can we do? LOL..
taking picture of cos...nth to do besides this..

my peoples...But robert disappeared edi..
must be kepo in somewhere else..haha


those boys playing with a small soccer balls..see, they still can playtill very happy de..

all look up high to the sky for wat leh?
ooo..they looking for the small cute soccer balls...
all waiting it falls from the sky..
but who so geng kick it up till so high???
ShaoLIn soccer???

KC aka MONKEy..haha

omg~~ candidshot..
Robert: "wat's so happy??..

picture credit to KC..ahah..i edited a Paul Frank cap for u..XD nice leh?

KC not ke si, shld change to Ke po..haha
people take picture, cham Z ka gui lai..

got copyright wan ok?
but he act like kinda weird like tat lo...

omgosh~ he heard smth from the GOD..ZZzzzz

bunch of guy..

me and hui min...
wan to post picture of me n wan ting de buti realise that i didnt taken couple pic with gottta take v her more lo...

wah~~ wat's make him so EXCITINg?
until 抓狂??? i yao so strong meh?haha..
it's pei jiun too thin gua..~~

After that, all of us heading to NZX..
I call my GPS ask for help again..haha

After wasted some times in finding the road to NZX, finally we reach NZX safely..Xd


the design of the restaurant more to Korean style...all the things there was just nice as well as the interior design of the reataurant..**Thumbs up**

The blind and the DOG..

arrgghhhh~~ ohNONONO...dun kap me shower...haha
but my face din looks so

ordering for foods... enjoying sleeping in the bathtub sambil holding the Fullhouse menu pulak..lo

me and robert..i like this pic^^

eeping with the chicken shop^^
not bad the taste...

with my bday cake...suprise lor...
i gotta collect all the pics from meng hua then only can post up cos my reddie responsible for video part..haha...

Friendship forever my frens^^

Planned to upload my bday celebration video but then the line wasn't that good till it upload-ing half way and failed...sien...
so i ll just keep it as my memory lo...

That night end with lots of happiness. After this sem, dunno when will us gather again to have FUN, just appreaciate the moment right now

With LOVE,

My ~21st~ bday celebration with LOVEly F.A.M.I.L.Y
Location: My sweet sweet HOME

First of all, i would like to say thanks to my lovely family to prepare a party for me..
Appreciate it very veru much cos i think as wat i remember i've never had a burfday party like this before..^^
thanks mum for the cooking and also all the thingys that she prepare for me..
and of cos not forget thankz my dad as well, my sister , my brother and all my relatives who attend the party^^
heart you guys...

Ladies and gentleman, now let's the picture to do the presentation^^
here we go~~

my bday cake..the heart shape 1 is made my sweetheart , yilin^^
actually, i din noe that she was so talented in baking..XD and she just did it for ME..
and another 1 is from my family de..
p/s: the cake very weird lo cos the cake shop sunty write wrongly on the cake edi..write wat 21 thn pulak...zzzz lor...

the <3>

sing-ing the bday songs^^

make a wish, make a wish, make a wish~~

me and sweetheart^^

eeping, happy bday to you^^

the cake..21 thn...zzzz

happy legal 21st's really taste good^^

my family..but less my big bro...he cant celebrate v me this year cos he was workign at oversea...

take 2 =) i heart you people..

eeping, mummy, eeling

me and sweetheart again...

yeah~~ cutting the cake...

eeling + eeping...lovely sista..


from left: grandpa, elder uncle, papa, me, younger uncle and my lovely grandma^^

this picture blur edi..but still nice elder uncle's pattern is the best pose ever..haha

me and grandpa + grandma..peace ya~~

me and little brother^^
he is getting more handsome and handsome, mature and mature edi...

my mum's side grandma^^
same pattern..XD

me and grandpa...cute hor?~.~

me and the grandpa's lao por-->grandma lor..^^

three flowers of chin's family...Xd
my mum is the

another three flowers of my family..

my mum's side uncle...he is such a funny guy and he is so fren with me XD

mum's side uncles
from left: K.L.wong, and his son--edmond, Kenny wong^^

macam Happy family lor..zzzz..but i m not their mum k?^^

bunch of girls...^^

with my kindhearted aunty and her daughter, yiwen and yilin..
p/s: my mother in laws as well since her daughter was my sweetheart..zzz

sista and me^^

chin's family cousin sister...

take 2=)

flowers four...

picture of the day^^

the night end with lots of fun and lots of chit chatting with families member..
taken a video that touch everybody's heart..the speaker was ME..
although it was a belated bday celebration, but it's still awesome and i will not forget it for the rest of my life^^
thankz mum for the party and i love you^^
I will always love you...

a necklace from wah chan^^
thankz for the present mum and dad^^


  1. waseh~ a long long post lO~ take a lot of time to write n upload the photos leh..but it is worth..21st bday..should record well..=) nicE pOst..!! every1 who read this can get influences by ur happy bday mood de..will 'xian mu' u much~ =)...

  2. huh~~finally i can drop comment edi~~ dunno y the line was just too lack to let me reply ur comment...**a big sigh**
    alright...yeah~~ this post really took long time to upload all the picture..actually i planned to upload a video also wan but then as wat i said the line wasn't good enuf allowed me to do that~~ so....u noe....
    yeah~~ 21st edi..feels like i m really dai gor lui lor..haha...noworry, u ll noe how i feel later on ater 8th of december XD
    anyway, thx for the celebration and happy sweeetsweeet with him ya~~
    i m not really hope ll "xian mu" but i hope they ll happy os of my hapiness^^ XD