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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

one-day-trip @ SUNWAY LAGOON 181009

I went to Sunway lagoon with my love one last two weeks ago~~ 181009
why suddenly want to go there?just want to have fun
actually, the boyfriend get 2 free tickets and it will expired on end of this month..
so, we decided to go just dun wan to waste the FREE ticket...
**how "aunty" am I**

BAby come fetch me at 9smth in the morning then we had our breakfast together.
After the breakfast, we start heading to lagoon^^

yeah~~ Lagoon here i come~~~
actually, i had been long time never visit the lagoon edi..
i think i just paid two visit since i was borned..XD

so, i m kinda excited for this trip^^

thanks baby to brought me there.. **a big kiss**

First first we played at the amusement/dry park..
the park consists of many games such as Buffalo Bill Coaster, the Chief Crazy Horse Carousel or follow in the steps at Butch Cassidy's Trail. Of cos we were not forgotton to play the Niagara Falls Flume Ride and Colorado Splash. After that, we go for the Grand Canyon River Rapids, we took two rides as well^^ **teehee~~**
But, it's just too bad that baby dun wan to take the 360° swings Tomahawk and Pirate's revenge. **sad case**

After finish playing the amusement park, we heading to the water park lor~~
First time swimming together with's kinda fun duh~~ ^^
we had some water war and water fight as well..
who win???
no win no lose.... ** hiakhiak**

we go to play some water park games like Congo Challenge which is a six-lane headfirst racer, the Cameroon Climb or spin around in loops before being propelled out of gigantic tubes on the African Pythons! and another 1 i forget what's it called edi.. **zzz**
it's kinda tiring cos we need to take the tube climd up to the highest point so that we can spinned around in the loops but it's fun and very shuang..Xd

okok, dun wan to talk so much edi...
let the pictures do talking~~

taking picture with cowboy and cow-girls~~ and the CArtoon...

the boyfriend...
his hair getting very long edi so looks weird..XD

it's me it's me^^

planned to take a picture that show me pushing "the lost city of gold" but failed due to the non-professional-photographer..~.~

looking for hot girls???hope u will get 1 or 2..

sini ada satu la wei~~haah

jom~~ go to the world's longest suspended pedestrain bridge...
it's was kinda scary cos last half part of the bridge was built in the steel mesh in the middle of the walkway which was where we step, it means we can see thru wat was beneath our feet..
nth to be scare actually..Well, it's was just a big lake under us... but i DO scared..argggg~~
** tangan shake-ing, kaki shake0ing, gigi menggigil**
(summore the bad baby frighten me pushed me to walk on it..hate him hate him..hmph~~)

can u guys see that? the Zig Zag grey grey thing in the middle of the walkway? tats was the steel mesh~~

the bad baby..hmph~~

of cos gotta tooks some pic to prove my courage that i did finish walking on the bridge~~

view from the bridge~~ take 1 =)

take 2 ^^

the love birds^^

not yet ready la wei~~


us again~~ the sun was keep shining on us..and baby's eyes like only one line~~haha

become my ah 4 carry my thingy~~

rejoice-ing~~ haha

both of us not yet ready..XD

took a picture with those dancing flower girls ^^

looks same ???
but baby got middle line hair style~~ haha **RoFL**

heading to water park after finish the amusement park~~

got a company activities that day~~ so every employee wearing the company t-shirt~~

view of the water park^^

well. not much picture taken in the water park cos my little reddie not water proof 1..^^
after we take our shower and we did took some picture as well~~

personally like this pic very very much~~
credit to my baby boy~~ **muakz**

we both know that we will never walk alone...


the boyfriend

Zoooooooom in

Zoooooom out

can see me???XD

the sunway lagoon watch~ it was no longer use the sticker 1. they change it to a watch like wrist banner^^ so the visitor no need scare to lost it^^
and it needs RM 10 as deposit for it..

one of the RM10 i change this watch for my cutie pie brother..haha

taken this while on the way to searching foods for my tummy^^

i just like to captured him when he is fetching his love one^^

yeah~~ i had sizzling lamb chop at ss15^^
it's cheap and nice to eat also...

baby's dishes..BBQ chicken chop...

and baby buy me Baskin Robin..
thx baby...

Thx for everything baby^^
and fighting
and fighting
besides fighting
still fighting
for his
final exam
jia you


deepest LOVE

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